• dodol Keyboard

    dodol Keyboard




    - The main function of the dodol keyboard 1 . Supports multiple languages ​​and input methods   - English   - Thai   - Indonesian   - Arabic   - Korean ( Tenchijin , naratgeul , short vowels , bul Layout , Sky )   - Japanese   - Chinese   - Latin   - German   - Spanish   - Portuguese   - French...

  • dodol Phone (data, call, Text)

    dodol Phone (data, call, Text)




    dodol Phone calculate how much you have used 3G data, call, and SMS. Provides Real-time daily and monthly usage report and you can also setup custom limit. * 17 miliion + download * New UI design for most android device * Home screen widgets * Graphical Notification * Support HD screen, 4G...

  • dodol Garden (Call shortcut)

    dodol Garden (Call shortcut)




    dodol Garden Stop using SMS or online messenger. It is not enough to send your love to your people. Make a phone call and share the voice. dodol Garden is here to help you. Features - Match your people to the plant, - Depends on contact frequency, you can set one of 3 different plants. - As...

  • dodol locker - wallpaper

    dodol locker - wallpaper




    Decorate your phone’s home screen the way you want! Fantastic, high-quality themes are all FREE! Protect safely with patterns/PIN numbers and decorate with a wide variety of themes! Introducing Dodol Locker, following in the footsteps of the home screen decorating sensation ‘Dodol Launcher’!...

  • Dodol Launcher - phone decor

    Dodol Launcher - phone decor




    ★★ The fastest growing Android launcher app – Dodol Launcher Hits 7 million downloads worldwide! Meet thousands of high quality themes (wallpaper+icons) created by the top designers. Themes will be available for free for the time being. Most widely used widgets like Memory Cleaner and Quick...

  • dodol pop (beta) ringtones

    dodol pop (beta) ringtones




    ★★ Limited Edition on A New Release of CNBLUE!!! ★★ Here CNBLUE has come for you with a new song ‘Can't Stop’. Meet their special video ringtone/alarm on dodol pop. Everyday, CNBLUE gives you a sweet morning. :) ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Fun ringtones and notification sound are the...

  • K-Pop JikCam Player (FanCam)

    K-Pop JikCam Player (FanCam)




    Hello, K-Pop fans! If you have an interest in kpop, you must download this player. You will never regret Many K-pop JikCam (FanCam) is recorded in portrait mode. But no player can play video in portrait mode. JikCam player solved this ironic problem. You will see any orientation video without...

  • dodol Wallpaper Maker 2

    dodol Wallpaper Maker 2




    dodol Wallpaper Maker 2 Set all of my favorite photo to my wallpaper! dodol Wallpaper Maker 2 helps you to crop and set the high quality wallpaper. You can set photo album as wallpaper. We provides several ways to rotate wallpaper, so you will never get bored of the wallpaper. Not only we...

  • KidsTimer - Protector of Child

    KidsTimer - Protector of Child




    Are you worried that your kids may be addicted to smartphone? Smartphone became a daily necessity- even to your youngsters. So why not give them a guide to a safe and responsible Smartphone habits? 1. Limit the usage time and encourage to abide by Make a vow regarding the daily allowed time...

  • D-Day Reminder

    D-Day Reminder




    D-Day Reminder is for someone who is waiting for the special date. Key feature of this d-day app is we provides several d-day forms like normal d-day, anniversary, met date, repeatable date. Also, when the date come close to you, D-Day Reminder will reminds you in advance. You will never miss...

  • dodol SharpAt(#@) Memo

    dodol SharpAt(#@) Memo




    Tagging with Sharp(#) and Sending with At(@). With an ability to choose theme you like, quick memo by screen shot and picture, and not only even convinient but also helpful widget. Now experience the real specialty any other memo apps can't provide. 1. You should try to sort memos with...

  • KidsGuide-Guidance for Child

    KidsGuide-Guidance for Child




    As an old saying goes, ‘What's learned in the cradle is carried to the grave.’ It means a good habit in childhood is finely important. How about training children, collecting compliment stamps with kids for our kids’s right lifestyle? 1. 50 kinds of basic lifestyle guide We prepared 50 kinds...

  • dodol Screenshot Manager

    dodol Screenshot Manager




    dodol Screenshot Manager is a perfect helper for heavy screenshot users. (* This app does not include the screen capture feature. >_<;) After capturing screenshots using the method that provided cellphone (ex: press power key + volumn donw key or press power key + home button etc..),...

  • dodol File Explorer

    dodol File Explorer




    dodol File Explorer can manage any files in Android. Windows explorer like tree folder design gives you comfortable file browsing. It has basic file managing functions like copy, paste, cut, send, and extract zip file. You can also access Internal memory, external SDcard and also root...

  • ShowMeThe Gallery-Image search

    ShowMeThe Gallery-Image search




    Search, send and download ANY image YOU WANT! ShowMeThe Gallery shows any image you want and help you to send it to your friend. When you are chatting with your friend on mobile or posting new facebook/twitter status. Sometimes you really want to send a photo in your mind. There are many things...

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