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    Learn the Bible on a daily basis with Bible Trivia Game! Great Bible study tool for everyone, young and old. Most played Free Bible Trivia Game in the market! Over 150,000 Downloads of our Free Bible Trivia Game! This Bible Trivia Game will allow you to learn the Bible through a fun trivia /...

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    Citações Bíblicas" traz a você ótimos versículos da Bíblia Sagrada. Inspiração diária com cada nova citação. As citações e versos são atualizadas frequentemente e novas funções disponíveis todo o tempo. Uma importante função é compartilhar um versículos no Facebook utilizando apenas um...

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    Read daily bible quotes and add your own

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    Great Love Quotes. Read through so many love quotes from people around the world. Feel like you have lost the spark of love? Read through these quotes to help you get back on track. Updated Often Save Favorites Share with friends via., E-mail, SMS, Twitter, Wordpress, Bluetooth.

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    No matter how you are feeling today, get a quote to boost your energy. It can bring you words to improve you self esteem, your motivation, your strength. The best part: it is free. And you can read through as many self boosting quotes as you would like. Quotes updated regularly. Features:...

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    Ready to better your health and lose the extra weight? Well this is the app for you. Read through great tips for having a healthy diet. Save your favorite tips. Share tips via, Email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress. (For Facebook sharing use the "FB Sharing" button) Any problems,...

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    Tip Guide helps you decide what a good tip amount should be. Leave your tips based on the quality of the service. Tip Guide will decide what is the right percent to leave and help you divide the amount up amongst your party. **Update 1.3** Toggle in the Menu to turn on and off the $5 Minimum

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