Dog Whistle

  • Spider Live Wallpaper




    Do you enjoy Spiders or Spider Man? Do you want to be Spider Man? Spider Wallpaper is a live wallpaper that constantly surprises you with creepy spiders. In this Live Wallpaper, you'll see different spiders dropping very unexpectedly. This is the wall paper that all Spider Man fans should...

  • Gas Mask Breathing




    Gas Mask Breathing gives power to prank, annoy, and crowd control through ultimate sound, and you can finally do it for free this time! Gas Mask Breathing will generate a high pitch breath sound that won't be easily detected, so it could make the effect last longer. With great power comes...

  • Snore Sound Effect Prank




    Snore Sound Effect Prank allows you to pretend you are snoring at a very loud noise. Ever got really annoyed by somebody snore at night? Now it's time to prank snore back and give them a taste of them own medicine. You can leave your phone in an empty room and turn the prank on. You can...

  • Hypnotizing Live Wallpaper




    Christmas theme special is designed to turn those who don't have christmas spirit into happy and and celebrating fellows that makes your life easier. With the christmas theme Live Wallpaper, your subject will never figure out why they like celebrating christmas all of sudden. This can be a...

  • City Art Live Wallpaper




    City Art Live Wallpaper is a stunning Live Wallpaper featuring that art form of the city. The actual city is New York City where the tallest building represents the Freedom Tower. In this Live Wallpaper, you'll see the bubbles flying from the ground going live. TO USE: Home->Press...

  • Applause, clap your hand




    You can use applause app in any events, conference, concerts, comedy shops and even movies. Applause is primarily the expression of approval by the act of clapping, or striking the palms of the hands together, in order to create noise. Audiences are usually expected to applaud after a...

  • Dog Whistle




    Ever want to get animals to listen to you? Dog Whistle provides you the perfect opportunity to get animals to respond! Every time you turn on the dog whistle, dogs and cats will immediately give attention and wondering what's going on, so whenever you walk over a house where dog keeps...

  • Dog Whistle Pro




    Dog Whistle Pro, this is an upgrade from lite version app and still gives you power to command all the dogs and cats! Every time you turn on the dog whistle pro, dogs and cats will immediately give attention to the sound and wondering what's going on, so whenever you walk over a house or zoo...

  • Vuvuzela




    Vuvuzela is the music instrument for South Africa's football fans for the FIFA World Cup in 2010. Vuvuzela is Very LOUD! Vuvuzela Pro brings you real life experience other Vuvuzela apps don't offer, it makes you feel like using Vuvuzela in real situations. Vuvuzela Pro is the ultimate...

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