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Dino Island

Be any dino! Roam the earth as a carnivore meat-eater, or as an herbivore plant-eater, or a flying Pteradactyl. Sneak up on prey as T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor, or Carnosaurus, or defend your herd against attack as Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and others. Velociraptor hunts in packs so you coordinate with your friends to move around behind the he…

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Download Extreme Construction Trucks Extreme Construction Trucks icon
Extreme Construction Trucks

Grab junk cars with the claw truck for demolition, smash buildings with a wrecking ball, use your crane to build steel truss structures, use a forklift to load a trash compactor, and maneuver your monster construction excavator to load and unload big rigs.

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Download Kids Construction Trucks Kids Construction Trucks icon
Kids Construction Trucks

Kids Construction Trucks! Finger drag to move the vehicles easily, or tilt-steer option instead. Easy to use, fun to play! Steam roll road pavement, clear a forest of rocks, build a village water well, and work on a construction site. Very accessible to young kids.

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Download Kids Train Construction Set Kids Train Construction Set icon
Kids Train Construction Set

Train construction for kids! Finger drag the pieces into place, they snap automatically. Finger drag the engine, passenger cars, oil tanker, box cars onto the track! Cross tracks and loops work great, bridges, risers, straight and curved pieces included.

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Download Monster Trucks Construction Monster Trucks Construction icon
Monster Trucks Construction

Maneuver your monster construction excavator, front loader, motor grader, mining dump truck, and forklift to clear land slides, smooth roads and unload big rigs.

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Download Demolition Derby Reloaded Demolition Derby Reloaded icon
Demolition Derby Reloaded

Take part in a demolition battle on city streets between old worn out cars using the latest in high tech 3D rendering, physics, collisions and interaction. You must last the longest, take the least damage, and score the most points within the time limit. Attack with your rear bumper and avoid chasers coming in with trying to T-Bone you from the s…

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Download Dino Attack 3D Dino Attack 3D icon
Dino Attack 3D

Dinosaur Attack! Sneak up on Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus and others with your T-Rex! Hide behind obstacles, leap out and surprise! Run prey off cliffs or back them into corners. Look for blood trails, smell for food, keep going in the battle of ultimate survival!

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Download Dino Jungle Dino Jungle icon
Dino Jungle

Explore the Jurassic jungle as a dinosaur! Find water, food and safety. Be a predator like T-Rex, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, or roam as an Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, or Stegosaurus. This app features the latest in high-end 3d rendering and physics interaction. High quality terrains, textures, skinned…

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Download Zombie Island Zombie Island icon
Zombie Island

Choose to be a hero or heroine on Zombie Island! Explore dense foliage and terrain on foot or with your dune buggy. Gather saws, axes, and torches to ward off zombies long enough to find the helicopter base to rid the island of zombies altogether from the air.

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Download Subs vs Ships 3D Subs vs Ships 3D icon
Subs vs Ships 3D

You captain a submarine going to battle against warships and carriers. You must strike down the carriers to advance in the game. All in 3D. Infiltrate harbor bases, avoid helicopters, f16s, f18s, SR71s, f117s, Nimitz class carriers, and super carriers.

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