Donald Nelson

  • Dino Jungle


    Explore the Jurassic jungle as a dinosaur! Find water, food and safety. Be a predator like T-Rex, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, or roam as an Apatosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, or Stegosaurus. This app features the latest in high-end 3d rendering and physics...

  • Africa Wild




    Explore the open plains as a wild animal! Find water, food and safety. Be a predator like a lion, hyena, cheetah, crocodile, or roam as a giraffe, elephant, rhino, gazelle, water buffalo, or zebra.

  • Dino Survivor




    EAT! And GET BIG! Don't get EATEN! Don't Get STOMPED ON! Start out as a little dino hatchling and get bigger as you much on bugs, then bigger meals all within a platformer / runner genre. Features the latest in high performance graphics, 2D and 3D art assets, high quality terrain and...

  • Dino Outbreak




    A secret military laboratory deep underground is performing experiments on extinct creatures, cloning spiders, snakes, bugs and DINOS! No one was ever supposed to be making these experiments on dinosaurs. Something has gone horribly wrong in the attempt to weaponize these creatures. What...

  • Dino Racing 3D




    Trick out your ride to win the race! Choose any dino, add paint, gear and weapons to wow them with style and eliminate the competition. Choose which Dino to race and then tear across different terrains to win the race and collect the prize. You can customize all of your Dino's features:...

  • Castle Defense 3D




    Tower defense in 3D! Defend your castle against hordes of invaders! Prevent seige towers from advancing, prevent ladder placement, and keep the main gate from being opened! This game features the latest in high end rendering, detailed characters, motion captured animations, and high resolution...

  • Nuclear Zombies 3D




    In the post-apocalyptic era, zombies are energized by old nuclear reactors. They creep out of the ground where nuclear energy and radiation combine. Their intent is to eat the survivors and dominate the new world order. Your mission is to disable the remaining reactors and eradicate zombies....

  • Dinosaur Shooter 3D




    65 million years of pent up aggression between you, your squad, T-Rex, velociraptors, spinosaurus, carnotaurus and more! A time rift has opened in the middle of the city. This leads to a world filled with dinosaurs! Your mission is to find and destroy the source of the rift, then eradicate the...

  • Extreme Fire & Rescue Trucks




    911 Dispatch! We have a fire emergency! Drive your fire engine immediately and put out the fire, save the inhabitants. Other emergencies include helicopter evacuation to the hospital, ambulance and stretcher rescue at a car crash scene, and a police chase of a stolen car. This game features...

  • Construction Trucks Popup Book




    Read along with the book and illustrations, plus, interact with the trucks on pop pages with your fingers! All about construction trucks, cranes, bulldozers, excavators, front end loaders, cement mixers, steam rollers, and more!

  • Demolition Derby Reloaded




    Take part in a demolition battle on city streets between old worn out cars using the latest in high tech 3D rendering, physics, collisions and interaction. You must last the longest, take the least damage, and score the most points within the time limit. Attack with your rear bumper and avoid...

  • Mission To Mars 3D




    Fly to Mars and drive your rover to probe for water and organic molecules! Navigate the terrain without taking too much damage and within the limit of your power cells. Feel your way around with robotic arm and two probe fingers. Features the latest in advanced 3D rendering, physics, and high...

  • Star Fighter




    Navigate asteroid belts, wormholes, black holes and ice rings on your way to your mission destination. Blast asteroids in your way to star destoyers and space stations. Take out star destroyers and small short range fighters to advance to each level. The latest in high end rendering, detailed...

  • Extreme Construction Trucks




    Grab junk cars with the claw truck for demolition, smash buildings with a wrecking ball, use your crane to build steel truss structures, use a forklift to load a trash compactor, and maneuver your monster construction excavator to load and unload big rigs.

  • Dino Island




    Be any dino! Roam the earth as a carnivore meat-eater, or as an herbivore plant-eater, or a flying Pteradactyl. Sneak up on prey as T-Rex, Spinosaurus, Velociraptor, or Carnosaurus, or defend your herd against attack as Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and others. Velociraptor hunts in packs so you...

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