Doom on a Fireball Studios

  • How to Profit




    Learn how to profit with this simple app! Guaranteed results with a simple three-step process!

  • Rep Max Calculator




    Rep Max Calculator is the quickest and easiest way to determine an RM in the 1-12 range based off of existing stats. Simply tap the RM number you know your weight for, input your numbers, and all other RMs will be calculated instantly. The application includes all of the popular RM equations,...

  • Tone Generator




    Use this app to generate simple single-frequency tones. Just specify the frequency (Hz) and duration (ms) you'd like.

  • I/O Hype


    Inspired by "Yo", here's the best way to get hyped for I/O! Text or message your friends with how hyped you are, or maybe ask them how hyped they are! The world is your oyster! Follow your dreams! * Send "I/O" to friends directly from the app (standard text messaging...

  • Master Builder




    Get building with Master Builder! This app sources hundreds of LEGO set building instructions from the database, providing full-screen images so you can build to your heart's content! The app will keep track of which steps you left on for any of your in-progress sets, as...

  • King of B.S.


    King of B.S. is a game where you fabricate definitions and descriptions about random topics. This app fetches random articles from Wikipedia along with the first sentence of their description. You can click on an article to toggle the title or description, in case you need a starting point on...

  • umbee




    umbee is fully open source. More information is available here: Do you ever forget to take an umbrella with you in the morning? Fix that with umbee! You'll receive a silent notification at your chosen time that indicates the precipitation chance for the...

  • Hacker Swiper




    Hacker Swiper is an open source Android app inspired by If you like it, check out Hacker Swiper Pro, which includes: * The official Hacker Swiper game! * The official Hacker Swiper live wallpaper! * The official Hacker Swiper soft keyboard! * Multiple fonts * Custom...

  • Hacker Swiper Pro




    Hack the planet with Hacker Swiper Pro! With the full version of the app, you have access to: * The official Hacker Swiper game! * The official Hacker Swiper live wallpaper! * The official Hacker Swiper soft keyboard! * Multiple fonts * Custom text and background colors * Custom Text size and...

  • Refereeasy




    An Android application that allows you to quickly and easily referee basic softball, baseball, and kickball games. Keep track of the score, current ball/strike/out count, and see a nice running box score while playing your game. When the game is over, share the results with your friends and...

  • BetterPickers Samples




    Sample app for the BetterPickers library, which creates DialogFragments modeled after the 4.2 Alarm Clock TimePicker to improve UX for picking time, date, and numbers. Check out the GitHub repo for more information:

  • Body Balance




    Body Balance is designed to measure your overall body structural parity. The percentages provided are derived from a T-Nation article that provides anecdotal and observational data on a number of different exercises. This data is used in Body Balance to determine expected lift weights derived...

  • Time = Money!




    Time is money! Quickly calculate just how much time and money you are using/wasting. Did your friends just start congregating around your phone to look at the newest top Reddit post? Fire the app up and watch as the dollars pile up! Social engagements running over time? Start up the app and...

  • Rage Faces Live Wallpaper




    This is a live wallpaper based on the incredibly popular rage comics (also known as fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu/f7u12 comics). There are a total of 20 faces included in the wallpaper, and you'll have to do different things to access them. At the most basic level you'll tap on the screen, but...

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