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    Feces flies! Feces burns!! Feces explodes!!! It is certain that foolishness is NO.1!! The 3rd step of the explosion system game which was high as for evaluation in funky series! The first formal shooting action game in funky series. the funky series with the echo of "it is...

  • Genuine fortune-telling TAROT




    Tarot fortune-telling is carrying out reading of the meaning which the card originally has, and it can divine to various situations. It is also important that arrangement of not only a meaning but the card which the picture of a card itself has means, and in order to make fortune-telling...





    The impression highest this summer that the Doppelganger which delighted 150,000 or more people presents. The super-orthodox school race action game appearance beyond the frame of killing time!! While passing through a checkpoint to within a time and delivering a newspaper in all the...

  • Tarot2




    ※English correspondence 2015.January version up Please wait! Finally appeared! Sequel of crowns the top ranking [TAROT] How authentic tarot divination that covers the Minor Arcana is, it is easy to get started is app. This app, tarot card alone "weight version" "Marseille...





    ―――――――――――――――――――― ◆Let's GO!! PUNIPUNI BUTLERS game Introduction◆ ―――――――――――――――――――― Bingo can be [NEW FEATURED] MONSTER BINGO Picture book has appeared! ▼ basic rules, simple puzzle that will lead! Let's GO!! PUNIPUNI BUTLERS is a puzzle game that extinguish by connecting three...

  • Heaven and hell? It can aim an




    Heaven and hell? It can aim and is 100 million yen ? coin dropping. No one but [ 3D graphics ] overly epoch-making slanting viewpoint coin dropping is born. The third phase appearance of a Doppelganger Inc. coin dropping game!! Characters with a child to a various old person appear. It is a...

  • ナイトコインズ 無料RPGコイン落としゲーム




    ついに出た! コインでモンスターを倒すコイン落としゲーム!?   コイン落としとRPGの要素が融合した見たことのないメダルゲームが誕生!! コイン落としと思えない演出が多数!   やりだしたら止まらない、新感覚コインロールプレイングゲームです。 見たことのない冒険の旅に、今すぐ出かけよう!!   モンスターを倒しレベルを上げて旅を進めると、またさらなる強敵が・・・ あなたは、「レベル100」をクリアできるか!?     ★★なにこれ!?モンスターが倒せるコイン落とし!?★★   ■コイン落としとRPGが融合? やりだしたら止まらない、新感覚コインロールプレイングゲーム!  ...

  • Funky Golden Coin Bomber




    It has not seen such coin dropping!! It is a medal game which was interlocked with coin and has an element of a board game as well as a motion of the realistic coin by physical operation!! If a boss is beaten and a level is raised, the further formidable enemy again... Your "Level...





    With no those with level, those with boss character, and killing-time game No.1 mistake!! The quality exceeding the medal game of an arcade!! It is a foppish and pop coin pusher game which full fusion of a Sugoroku game, a shooting game, and an action puzzle and a role playing game (RPG) is...

  • Cosmic 2ch MATOME Viewer まとめ




    ★暇つぶし決定版!! 超ぬるぬる動作を実現!!★ 日本一カッコいい(?)2ちゃんねるまとめサイトリーダー登場!! 2chまとめサイトが大好きなユーザーが自分のために作ったアプリだから、 かゆいところに手が届きすぎてます!! 無料なのにこんなに快適でいいんですか?? いいんです!!! 趣味で~す~か~ら~!!! 【Cosmic 2ch MATOME Viewer の オススメポイント】 [1] 超オシャレで、かっこいいインターフェイス!!! [2] 記事をサムネイル付きで一覧表示!!! [3] ハードウェアアクセラレーター搭載で、軽快にぬるぬる動作!!! [4]...

  • 【Lights Out】Arthurian Legend




    Do you know right out? When a grid is chosen, it is a very simple game with five reversed masses of the cross centering on the selected mass. But the starting point of the puzzle game having difficulty like a maze, pleasure like the search for a mistake, simplicity like othello, strategy nature...

  • Collection of overly extremely




    A perfect free overly extremely popular game will be able to download collectively!! ■ funky -- a system coin dropping game ■ A formal racing game ■ playing a trick -- a system -- a shooting game ■ An orthodox puzzle game ■ Break down realistic 3 D blocks and it is a game. ■ foppish -- a...

  • THE whack-a-mole




    the lovely mole was beaten -- cook!! The overly simple action game appeared. The final edition of Whack-A-Mole. Is the application which both children and adults can enjoy regardless of young and old of both sexes seen?? The thing in which it is so simple and what is interesting!? It is not...

  • Bash Block 3D | BALL GAME




    Overly realistic 3 D blocks were broken down, and the game came out!! There is no game of this quality for nothing. The first feeling of operation is unbearable. With no killing-time game NO.1 mistake!! In fact ... What is broken down is not only a block. Up to a block, a wooden board,...

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