• Arko




    The Philippines is hit by an average of twenty typhoons a year. Most of the time, these cause major flooding that can be a danger to one’s life and livelihood. Lives have been lost due to storm flooding because people didn’t know what path to take to safety or even if their area would be hit by a...

  • Project NOAH




    Project NOAH for Android Enabling the mobility of Project NOAH. The official mobile version (native Android) of Project NOAH website ( though without the Flood Map features. This mobile app was developed by Rolly Rulete in cooperation with Project NOAH and with the partnership...

  • Flood Patrol




    Flood Patrol is an Android mobile phone application developed by the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center (AJWCC). The application extends the flood monitoring and flood mapping service of Project Noah spearheaded by Dr. Mahar Lagmay by allowing people to report floods via the mobile phone and...

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