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  • SMS Spammer

    SMS Spammer




    Send thousands of texts to your friends! Features: - As many texts as you want to send to multiple people - Easily cancel sending texts if you send too many Tags : sms spammer, text spammer

  • CAQ (Create a Quiz/Test Maker)

    CAQ (Create a Quiz/Test Maker)




    CAQ is a revolutionary way to study, by creating a quiz on the topics that you need to know, and then taking it, helping you learn in an easy way. Not studying? CAQ is still great for coming up with trivia quizzes to share with your friends and colleagues. The export feature means that you can...

  • CAQ Key

    CAQ Key




    This is the key to unlock the full version features of CAQ(Create a Quiz/test Maker). This app unlocks the following features: • Unlimited number of Quizzes • Unlimited number of Questions per quiz • The ability to edit your quizzes • The ability to export your quizzes • Automatic backup of...

  • Cold War Quiz

    Cold War Quiz




    Think you know the Cold War? Test yourself! Need to study the Cold War? Do it the fast, fun and easy way! Contains a database with over 200 questions!!! Cold War Quiz is a simple and fun quiz on the cold war, covering the time period between 1945 and 1991. Permissions - All of the permissions...

  • Spanish Vocabulary Quiz

    Spanish Vocabulary Quiz




    Spanish Vocabulary Quiz is the perfect tool, whether you are cramming for an exam, just starting to learn Spanish, or are simply taking a trip to Spain. With over 900 words and more comming soon Spanish Vocabulary Quiz is the best FREE Spanish Quiz on the market Found a typo/mis-translation?...

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