Dougi Hsu

  • Notification Up!




    Want a custom ringtone for each APP? Want to see advertising notification by what app? Want to see notification display when screen is off? Or want to see the notification in full-screen? All in "Notification Up!". This app MUST activate service at Settings/accessibility for...

  • Auto Screen On




    ATTENTION: Android 4.1.2 and Android 4.2 have a BIG bug for screen on.If turning on the screen, it must keep screen on until setting's screen timeout is up. So now I use a plugin app "screen off" to force screen off for waking up timeout. Celebrate more 100000+ downloads. I add new...

  • Cover Lock




    Looking for smart cover for Android? Now, you can use a normal cover with this app, the cover just becomes the smart cover. Just open/close the cover to turn screen on/off. Or you can just turn screen on/off just by touch the proximity sensor. Features. 1.Auto turn screen on 2.Auto turn screen...

  • Screen off




    This is a plugin for Auto screen on. To solve screen has been not off when screen on without unlock for Android 4.1.2 and 4.2.x. Also this app provide a shortcut to lock screen. To uninstall this app must remove lock screen permission first.This is a google policy. Add Shortcut:...

  • Screen Onnn (screen on)




    Need set screen timeout to never! Need keep screen on when power connected! Need auto screen off when plug power connection. Use this app. Features: Modify System screen timeout, more selections, even never. (for every users that need never screen timeout) When power connected, using a different...

  • Auto Snap Cam




    This app uses g-sensor to take pictures. Start Auto Snap and let your device mentain a posture(default: upright), it will auto take pictures. Also, you can use shortcut to stop/start Auto Snap or take pictures. Do not use for illegal purpose. Functions: Auto take pictures Take pictures by...

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