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Dougi Hsu

  • Notification Up!

    Notification Up!




    Want a custom ringtone for each APP? Want to see advertising notification by what app? Want to see notification display when screen is off? Or want to see the notification in full-screen? All in "Notification Up!". This app MUST activate service at Settings/accessibility for...

  • Auto Screen On

    Auto Screen On




    ATTENTION: Android 4.1.2 and Android 4.2 have a BIG bug for screen on.If turning on the screen, it must keep screen on until setting's screen timeout is up. So now I use a plugin app "screen off" to force screen off for waking up timeout. Celebrate more 100000+ downloads. I add new...

  • Cover Lock

    Cover Lock




    Looking for smart cover for Android? Now, you can use a normal cover with this app, the cover just becomes the smart cover. Just open/close the cover to turn screen on/off. Or you can just turn screen on/off just by touch the proximity sensor. Features. 1.Auto turn screen on 2.Auto turn screen...

  • Screen off

    Screen off




    This is a plugin for Auto screen on. To solve screen has been not off when screen on without unlock for Android 4.1.2 and 4.2.x. Also this app provide a shortcut to lock screen. To uninstall this app must remove lock screen permission first.This is a google policy. Add Shortcut:...

  • Screen Onnn (screen on)

    Screen Onnn (screen on)




    Need set screen timeout to never! Need keep screen on when power connected! Need auto screen off when plug power connection. Use this app. Features: Modify System screen timeout, more selections, even never. (for every users that need never screen timeout) When power connected, using a different...

  • Auto Snap Cam

    Auto Snap Cam




    This app uses g-sensor to take pictures. Start Auto Snap and let your device mentain a posture(default: upright), it will auto take pictures. Also, you can use shortcut to stop/start Auto Snap or take pictures. Do not use for illegal purpose. Functions: Auto take pictures Take pictures by...

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