Douglas Ribeiro Sh

  • Just Type it! Free




    Tired of auto-completion? Do you dislike when you have to long press a key to use a modified character in your language like 'ç' or 'é'? Do you try to rely on the suggestions to avoid long pressing the key when you find out that the word you want isn't a suggestion? Do you...

  • Beer Fiscal




    Do you know when you go to the bar with your friends and drink lots of beers? Do you remember exactly how many bottles did you drink? Was the bill right? This app is for you, beer lover who wants to count, record and remember the number of beer bottles! You'll be able to count every bottle...

  • lol etc Reader




    Fique por dentro de tudo sobre Animes, Videogames, cultura Japonesa e outros. No app do lol etc você pode acompanhar as últimas notícias sobre do lol etc. Funcionalidades: • Design minimalista, com a praticidade pertencente ao padrão Android; • Atualizações automáticas de novas publicações no...

  • Cash Manager (Free)




    A simple application for managing the lent or borrowed money. It's possible to add people to a list and transactions to each person to see the lent or borrowed money amount. You can also edit or delete a person or transaction later. Simple Tutorial: - Add a person by touching the add person...

  • VCTV BRASIL Reader




    Fique por dentro de tudo o que acontece nos bastidores da Televisão. No app social do VCTV BRASIL você pode acompanhar os últimos lançamentos sobre TV Digital (HDTV), TV por satélite, Sat HD Regional, além de novidades sobre telejornais, novelas, séries, filmes e tudo que envolve as emissoras do...

  • Gem Trinities Free




    Gem Trinities is a classic puzzle game. A column containing a gem trinity will fall and you have to group 3 or more gems together in the same column, row or diagonal for them to vanish. The game is over when a gem reaches the top of the screen. tags: gem trinities trinity column columns jewel...

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