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    LCBO Finder

    Friday night and need to grab a bottle of wine? Find the closest LCBO to your current location, quickly see if they're open (green), closing soon (orange) or closed (red) and see what their hours are. Quick and easy. Only works in Ontario, Canada. Not associated with the LCBO in any way.

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    Baby Flash Cards

    High quality baby flash cards with optional voice playback of all the words! This app is designed to help young children (and even babies) learn basic words in a fun and engaging way. The app contains over 170 fun cartoon flash cards divided into 10 categories (Animals, Food, Body, On the Go, Around the House, Colors, Alphabet, Shapes, Outside, I…

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    BuddyPanel gives families and friends the ability to create a secure account on the BuddyPanel website and upload their favorite photos. Each photo can have a caption attached to the photo. After installing the BuddyPanel app on your tablet, the photos will begin to display, one after another, looping back to the first photo each time. Any member…

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