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    Jezzine (70 km from Beirut, 22 km from Sidon) is the most famous summer and touristic resort of South Lebanon because of its beautiful landscape, fresh climate, its 40m high waterfall and the festivals during the summer. Vital public facilities contributed in making Jezzine the most important...



    BaNafa is a Perfume Production Company with two factories, having the first – named BaNafa- based in the Free Zone, Jabal Ali since 1995, and the second in Jeddah – named Hussein Bu Abd. The factory specializes in blending fragrances coming from Eastern and European origins to suit all tastes. In...

  • Jezzine




    Jezzine Region, a model area, known for its protected environment, whose people have the opportunity to lead a higher quality of life in their diverse villages, with each village providing livelihood and a “joy of life” environment for its residents and visitors alike, and all united for the...

  • EuroQuest


    ان شعارنا في يوروكويست انترناشيونال "حيث يبدأ التغيير والتطوير " كما اننا نسعى دائما إلى ضبط الأداء وتقيمه وتقويمه من خلال رفع كفاءة الإدارة والموارد البشرية كي تتواكب مع المتغيرات العالمية ويكتب له التفوق والنجاح والريادة والتميز في أعمالها. وقد منحتنا هذه الرؤية الفرصة للإلتزام...

  • CLIFTON Real Estate


    CLIFTON Real Estate

  • Golden Standard


    Golden Standard

  • Green Mountains


    We pride ourselves on being one of the largest privately owned liquid/solid waste treatment and disposal service providers in the UAE. We specialise in hazardous and non hazardous waste collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of both liquid and solid. Our triple ISO certification...

  • Luxury Plus Cars


    Luxury Plus Rent A Car, as the name indicates, aims at providing our clients un unforgettable luxurious driving experience. Bringing in years of experience from abroad. Luxury Plus Rent A Car is now ready to offer their unique services in the UAE. The word Plus represents our efforts to be a...

  • Qatar Tourism Guide QTG




    Qatar Tourism Guide is your ultimate gateway to tourism in Qatar. QTG provides the latest news about the tourism industry in Qatar as well as a detailed guide of touristic resorts based in Qatar.

  • Players




    Players is a car rental company in Dubai, UAE, dedicated to bring its clients the utmost driving experience they can get by renting their all-time-favorite luxurious cars from our garages. The company was founded in 2010, aiming at providing the most deluxe rides for locals and tourists around...

  • Market and Platters


    The idea of Market & Platters, is to bring you the authenticity of a Mediterranean old market to your footsteps, the quality of the products, the professional service can only be found in a historical like Rungis and Piazza Testaccio.

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