• Addition Quest


    Addition Quest is a thrilling game of addition where numbered tiles scroll down and you have to add up two tiles to make up a chosen number before a tile drops to the bottom of the screen! - Master addition in a fun way. - Relaxing for adults and children alike to practise keeping up math skills...

  • Muddled Words




    Muddled Words is a stimulating way to build up your vocabulary and improve your spelling! Every game consists of 15 scrambled words which you have to uncover by looking at the definition given on the screen and unscrambling the letters you see under it. You have over 4 minutes for each game, so...

  • Unit Converter - Free




    This is a simple and easy to use measurement unit converter. It supports conversion of different units for Length, Weight, Volume, Area, Force, Energy, Power, Speed, Pressure etc. Features:- Converts instantly as you type, Simple and accurate, No adds, No permissions required except for Internet...

  • Unit Converter




    DOXXASOFT Unit Converter is the ultimate utility for measurement unit conversion on your Android device. It is a simple, accurate and easy to use unit converter which converts INSTANTLY as you type! It supports conversions for a HUGE selection of different units which are neatly organized into...

  • Matching Cards - Free




    Improve focus and concentration skills with this classic memory game! Available in three difficulty levels, the objective of the game is to find all the pairs of matching cards. For every matching pair you will be awarded 100 points, and for each missed match 10 points will be deducted. Your high...

  • Cryptic Quotes Game


    Cryptic Quotes is a fun, informative and addictive game for both adults and children alike. Hundreds of encrypted famous quotes to solve. To decrypt the quote and get the highest score possible you need to match the symbols to their corresponding correct letters of the alphabet in the shortest...

  • Spelling Bee


    Spelling Bee is a fun and interactive way to improve your vocabulary and spelling! Every game consists of ten words which are flashed on the screen with their respective definitions! You will master hundreds of simple to sophisticated words as you race against the clock to improve your score! At...

  • MasterMind


    Challenge your brain with Android MasterMind. MasterMind is a classic game of logic in which your objective is to find the code of four colored pegs that the Android has selected at random. Repeated colors are allowed. You have ten chances to crack the code. To make a guess repeatedly tap the...

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