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  • Filly® Photo Fun - Butterfly




    Had a good time with the Filly® Princesses? It’s time to soar with the Filly® Butterflies! In a magical garden far away, the Filly® Butterflies float across the sky with their beautiful and colorful wings. Only the very special among us can join Filly® in their world… Yes, that means you! The...

  • Filly® Star Stylist




    Learn to draw your favorite Filly friends with the Filly Star Stylist - an educational drawing app. The app comes with a pattern recognition system so kids can color beautiful Filly scenes or use their imagination to free draw. Filly is one of the most popular toy brands for girls in many...

  • Filly® Witchy Adventure




    Filly® Witchy Adventure – match three is a puzzle game for kids and Filly® fans! • Filly® Withcy Adventure is a FREE app • A match three game with cute Filly® designs • Kid friendly design and difficulty • Progress through different level with increasing difficulty and exciting objectives •...

  • Filly® Cupcake Shop




    Get ready for cupcake fun! All the Fillys are lining up for Leaf’s tasty treats and it’s up to you to help her! • All your favorite Fillys are here: Leaf, Loki, Rose and many more! • Colorful, cute and exciting graphics • 10 levels, including a bonus stage • Upload your horseshoes to My Filly...

  • Filly® Photo Fun




    One… two… three… say FILLY®!!! On a magical island far away, the Filly® Princesses wear beautiful crowns of sparkling gold and bright crystal. Only the very special among us can join Fillys® in their world… Yes, that means you! The Filly® Photo Fun App brings the magic of the Filly® Princess...

  • Insectasaur Fusion




    In Predasaurea, a dinosaur island in a lost world, the Vulltar volcano boils mystic lava that has combined the fossils of insects and dinosaurs trapped in supernatural volcanic crystals. This eerie event resulted in the DNA Fusion of the mightiest dinosaurs in history and the most dangerous...

  • Zombie Zity Attack




    Zombie Zity The Mayor’s Madness An arcade-type timewaster game with gyroscope and tossing features. Gyroscope feature: battle zombies from all directions, just turn the device to switch directions and play in 360 degrees. Tossing feature: the faster you swipe your finger, the farther you can...

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