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  • Filly® Cupcake Shop

    Filly® Cupcake Shop




    Get ready for cupcake fun! All the Fillys are lining up for Leaf’s tasty treats and it’s up to you to help her! • All your favorite Fillys are here: Leaf, Loki, Rose and many more! • Colorful, cute and exciting graphics • 10 levels, including a bonus stage • Upload your horseshoes to My Filly...

  • Filly® Photo Fun

    Filly® Photo Fun




    One… two… three… say FILLY®!!! On a magical island far away, the Filly® Princesses wear beautiful crowns of sparkling gold and bright crystal. Only the very special among us can join Fillys® in their world… Yes, that means you! The Filly® Photo Fun App brings the magic of the Filly® Princess...

  • Filly® Photo Fun - Butterfly

    Filly® Photo Fun - Butterfly




    Had a good time with the Filly® Princesses? It’s time to soar with the Filly® Butterflies! In a magical garden far away, the Filly® Butterflies float across the sky with their beautiful and colorful wings. Only the very special among us can join Filly® in their world… Yes, that means you! The...

  • Zombie Zity Attack

    Zombie Zity Attack




    Zombie Zity The Mayor’s Madness An arcade-type timewaster game with gyroscope and tossing features. Gyroscope feature: battle zombies from all directions, just turn the device to switch directions and play in 360 degrees. Tossing feature: the faster you swipe your finger, the farther you can...

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