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Dragon Wizard Apps

  • 3 in 1 FlashLight

    3 in 1 FlashLight




    Flashlight 3 in one Pro, can help light up your way. This is a flashlight, strobe light, and Morse code transmitter. Morse code: you can type in what you want to say and your flashlight will flash what you typed in morse code. Strobe Light: You will be able to set how fast you want your strobe...

  • Digital clock widget

    Digital clock widget


    Digital clock widget is simple, perfectly accurate real time keeping. We have worked to make this widget simple, easy to use, choose 24 hour mode, or 12 hour mode. Very nice glass look. There are sounds you can turn on and off. The sound can be set for every quarter, half, and every hour....

  • Call Guard

    Call Guard




    Call Guard is a featured call blocker; Call Guard has features to handle Unknown callers, Hidden number callers and settings to add a block call from your contacts or build a custom black list for blocking incoming calls. Create a custom black list for call blocking or set one up from your...

  • Colors wallpaper pack

    Colors wallpaper pack


    Colors wallpapers. Vivid colors wallpaper will brighten your phone and bring the true colors and look real life. 25 vivid color wallpapers, No ads and easy to use. Adding more soon, all updates are free. • All wallpapers are in true high definition color. • Adding more wallpapers soon. • Located...

  • Animated Battery

    Animated Battery




    Animated Battery life widget gives information and animated battery level. The main battery shows the animated battery level and precentage left. To open > Long press on home screen > Select widgets > Select the battery widget. Tap the battery and battery life displays battery...

  • Solitaire +4 games

    Solitaire +4 games


    Solitaire is for all android devices with touch screen availability. You get 3 games in one easy to use application. free cell, spider solitaire, and 40 thieves. The games are super fun and we know that you will love them. application features: • on tablets and phones volume up key deals in...

  • Note It

    Note It


    Note It was made to be easy to use and easy to manage. Note It has the ability to make notes without complications. You are not limited to putting all your notes into a folder. You are in control of your notes and wither you put them into a folder or just making a quick note on a whim. Fast...

  • Sound task plan

    Sound task plan


    Set a schedule for all the sounds and audio on your phone! Sound task gives you Full control over your Sounds, notifications alerts, alarms, media and more. Set schedules for all your sounds, notifications, Alerts. Build a vibrate schedule for those that work. Control sounds over your phone....

  • Grocery list maker

    Grocery list maker




    Grocery list is an application for the shopping person. No need to carrying around a calculator or have a long paper list of things to buy. Read on because grocery list does it all! Grocery list is a shopping list manager, have as many stores, and as many items as you need, Grocery list will add...

  • Weight monitor

    Weight monitor




    Weight monitor will help keep track of your body weight along with keeping you informed. Weight Monitor includes a BMI scale calculator to help you know where you are in your goal. Weight monitor lets you set a reminder of when to check your weight, You can set the time and the day. Monitor...

  • Step Counter Pedometer

    Step Counter Pedometer




    Step Counter is a full featured Pedometer Application for all Android phones and devices. There are 2 modes one for Running and one for walking. You will be able to keep track of steps, speed, distance or miles walked or ran, kilometer settings are also available. Steps Counter also lets you...

  • Ringtone Expander

    Ringtone Expander




    Ringtone Expand lets you turn your music into your ringtones, notifications, alerts and more. Your favorite songs can be set as your ringtone, No ringtone editor needed. NOTE: After this Ringtone expand is installed there will be NO ICON to find we have made sure it is so easy for our users. All...

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