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New Planet Earth

We want to make game which All people enjoy. Then we decided to use 'Orientation Sensor'. As a result, the disabled have one arm can play it. Contest will be held on 20th monthly. For more information, you can see 'Contest Information' in this game. ▒▒ The Scinario of game Alien invade a peaceful planet. They try to migrate…

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▒▒ What is the purpose? Do you want to improve concentration? Then, try this game(MinTouch). If you have more than 1000 points, your attention is as good as Mensa members. ▒▒ How to play the game Let you touch the screen. Your fighter will move only in the vertical and horizontal. You make your fighter collided with stick…

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Warning to American

The United States will soon perish. Fortunately, there is a solution. Now the U.S. is at the crossroads of the ups and downs. Why does the decline of the United States? The cause can be found through this application.

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