**WARNING DO NOT PLAY IF YOU HAVE PHASMAPHOBIA** (++best played while sitting++) (try the pro version!) Best prank game on the market. Scare your friends by telling them to beat your high score. This game induces deep concentration to get past the second level. Once your friend almost gets...

  • Candy Corn Runner




    Mr. candy corn is making a run from the sugar crazed zombies! Duck and jump your way through the obstacles. Candy Corn Runner is a Halloween game that will bring chills to your bones ;)Swipe up , swipe down to maneuver your way through the Halloween sugar eaters. Can you dominate through the...

  • Number Duck




    (kids game)Bath time has never been so fun! While falling numbers are counted out loud; number duck must catch them as they fall from the faucet. Tilt your phone to make Number duck move. This children game is recommended for ages 1-4. In no time your child will be counting to ten!

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