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Download Vampire Hunter 3D Vampire Hunter 3D icon
Vampire Hunter 3D

A First Person Shooter 3D game. You are a member of an elite force on a mission to infiltrate a castle and exterminate the vampires who have posed a threat to the country. The battle takes you on a perilous journey through the maze of underground dungeons and chambers. Armed with an M16 assault rifle, collect your ammo with each kill. To stop the e…

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Download Santa Snow Run 3D Santa Snow Run 3D icon
Santa Snow Run 3D

A 3D Christmas running game to celebrate Christmas with your friends and loved ones. Santa is running along a snow terrain collecting presents. He faces many obstacles, eg. Snowman, Giant Snowballs, Grinch and more. Help Santa jump over the obstacles by swiping Up (Jump), swiping Left or Right (Strafe). Collect as many presents as you can. Same gen…

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Download Zombie Archery 3D Zombie Archery 3D icon
Zombie Archery 3D

First Person Shooter Zombie Archery 3D Game. Enjoy shooting at various types of Zombies using your bow and arrow. Be sure to hit them before they reach you! Play against online friends for High Score. Option to challenge friends to one-on-one matches.

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Download Angry Zombie Boss 3D Angry Zombie Boss 3D icon
Angry Zombie Boss 3D

Your angry bosses have been infected by a virus and are turning into zombies. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to destroy them before they infect you and the rest. You are armed with an M16 assault rifle. Collect the ammo with each kill. Unending levels of game play. Tablet ready.

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Download Glock Pistol Trainer Glock Pistol Trainer icon
Glock Pistol Trainer

A 3D Glock Pistol point of view simulation for practising Sight Alignment and Sight Picture. To improve your shooting, first align the front white circle so that it is between the back U-shape - this is called sight alignment. Next, cover the target bull's eye with the front white circle - this is called sight picture. Then, fire. You have 50…

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Download Desert Counter Strike Pro 3D Desert Counter Strike Pro 3D icon
Desert Counter Strike Pro 3D

Upgraded version of Desert Storm Counter Strike 3D. This version has been re-written from scratch for improved weapon aiming using raycast and an on screen cross-hair for precision aiming and targeting. Gun rotation is now possible by swiping the gun left-right. For those new to Desert Counter Strike Pro: This is a First Person Shooter 3D game to…

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Download Halloween Zombie 3D Halloween Zombie 3D icon
Halloween Zombie 3D

It's Halloween and the Zombies are coming out of the Cemetery. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to save the Jack-o-lanterns by collecting 10 of them at each level. At higher levels, the Zombies will try to stop you. Use your M16 to shoot them and collect the reward ammo after each kill. Tablet Ready. Good Luck! And, Happy Halloween…

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Download Santa Christmas Run 3D Santa Christmas Run 3D icon
Santa Christmas Run 3D

It's Christmas Eve and Santa is busy making sure the presents are all on the rooftops ready to be delivered. He runs and hops from each snow-covered rooftop to another rooftop avoiding the Presents and Trees. Game Play is similar genre to Temple Run with a Parkour twist. Challenge your friends for the Longest Run in Leaderboard via Heyzap'…

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7.2 Users
Download Zombie Samurai Zombie Samurai icon
Zombie Samurai

A variation of Fruit Ninja. Slash on the zombies to earn extra play time. The objective is to stay in play for as long as possible. Each zombie slashed will earn you either 1, 2 or 5 seconds extended play time. However, you should avoid slashing the pretty girl. And, oh, avoid the bombs too! Tablet ready.

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6.8 Users
Download Ripstik Game 3D Ripstik Game 3D icon
Ripstik Game 3D

Ride a Ripstik casterboard in the city streets. Your mission is to collect as many Ripstik Air as possible. But you need to avoid colliding with the cars and other Ripstikers. You can also challenge other players to get high score via the Leaderboards. Easy controls: Just swipe left or right to move left or right. To jump over a car or other rips…

Free 34 8.8

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Droid Raze first app (Zombie Samurai) was published 4 years ago and the last one (Easter Eggs 3D Live Wall Paper) was published 2 years ago .

Android total downloads for Droid Raze apps sum 323126 (the most downloaded Angry Zombie Boss 3D for Android).

The average users' rating for Droid Raze apps is 4.20/5.

Google Play categories distribution:

  • -1 apps in the category Arcade & Action
  • -32 apps in the category Casual
  • -1 apps in the category Health & Fitness
  • -1 apps in the category Personalization