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    Ghost Seeker

    ○What's GhostSeeker? The ghost around you is searched from an original algorithm and displayed. It is radar of the fortune-telling formation type, and green→yellow→red and blinking change as the ghost approaches the Taikyoku chart of the center(point where you are). The member radar of fortune-telling rotates in accordance with a direction. I…

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    Download kujikiri -九字切り- kujikiri -九字切り- icon
    kujikiri -九字切り-

    The self-defense method transmitted more from ancient times is reproduced by Android. What is "Kujikiri"? That it was China Doke's the secrets passes into Japan, it changes a form by esoteric Buddhism, the Yin Yang philosophy, mountaineering asceticism, a ninja, etc., and a basis is used as mystic words for a self-defense method.…

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    Download Moment Moment icon

    -Description This application is the application which performs time lapse photography (slow-speed photography). -Usage -Start The recording start of the start button is carried out by depression. -Stop A recording stop is carried out. -Setup The image quality of a bitrate and an animation is set up. -Bitrate It can set up from 4fps…

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    Download WifiDataSet WifiDataSet icon

    Summary Wifi Logging Special edition. The collected data which is the application which collects and analyzes Wifi information is registered to a database. It can analyze based on the registered data. A start and end of data collection Start Depression of the start button will start wifi data collection. Since it will continue collecting…

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    Download FrameCut FrameCut icon

    -Description It is the application more nearly required than a movie file which carries out frame specification and it uses as a still picture. -Construction The file which wants to cut down a still picture is chosen from a file list. From the selected file The position of the frame of an animation to start is determined. A capture butto…

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    Download LPS -生命位置装置- LPS -生命位置装置- icon
    LPS -生命位置装置-

    [Outline] - If battery information is observed and it becomes below the set-up value (battery level), position information collection will be carried out and e-mail will be transmitted to gmail. - It is report application about spontaneous position information. - This application is permanent residence application. [Setting item and Ope…

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    Download MosaicArt MosaicArt icon

    -Outline It is the application which can create one Mosaicart photograph in the world easily. The photograph which took until now a picture of the palette set to Mosaic, and were collected becomes a palette. - Usage 1. Since the directory list screen which chooses the directory of the picture used as a palette is displayed, a picture directory to…

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    Download PatrolMap PatrolMap icon

    ○Outline  I wished to come out wholly and to carry out information sharing by the matter which occurs in everyday life, -- doesn't it those[ with things ]?  It seems that the information under lost article information, NO TRAFFIC, and construction etc. is shared, and it is saved, becomes a key, or is useful for relief of traffic congestion.…

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    Download TweetScheduler -おしらせツィート- TweetScheduler -おしらせツィート- icon
    TweetScheduler -おしらせツィート-

    -Outline  The thing which is the application for which the text registered into beforehand [ when you would like to take out information to Twitter periodically / final edition ] can be tweeted at the appointed time and which is periodically tweeted since a setup of only time is also possible again is possible. -Operation Procedure --Arrangement…

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