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LCD Stop Watch(FREE)

LCD Stop Watch is a simple stop watch application with LCD like display. This stop watch can measure 1/100 sec upto 9999:99:99'99. The stop watch can run in background, quit without pausing clock, the stop watch continue to count up. In settings window, you can select font to display. The paid version without advertisement, and have addition…

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Download G00 clock G00 clock icon
G00 clock

G00 clock is a cool HOME screen widget, inspired by GUNDAM 00, wich display clock and battery information. You can see Calendar and more battery information by touching displayed widget. You can select the ball color, ball transparent rete and text color, font in settings screen. You can change the settings by touching the Clock and touch settings…

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Download Kanji Puzzle Kanji Puzzle icon
Kanji Puzzle

Classic Slide Puzzle of KANJI characters. Japanese Kanji is beautiful charactor, but some of them is very difficult to write and read, even if for japanese people. In this slide puzzle, the KAN JI is separated to the pieces, if you can complete, you can see the meaning of the KANJI.

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Download eClockWidget eClockWidget icon

eClockWidget: a stylish home screen widget, display clock and power status.

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Download eva custom lock screen: eLock eva custom lock screen: eLock icon
eva custom lock screen: eLock

The eLock : COOL evangelion like custom lock screen. The eLock replaces the sysem lock screen. The eLock lock screen shows clock and battery informaion, and shows low battery warning by change the background wallpaper. You can customize the font, color and background. The eLock lock screen can unlock press HOME or BACK key.

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Download Fighting Air Crafts Puzzle Fighting Air Crafts Puzzle icon
Fighting Air Crafts Puzzle

Fighters meets classic slide puzzle and come to your phone. The picture of F-4 Phantom, F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, F-22 Raptor, etc separated to the pieces.

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Download Slide Cat Puzzle Slide Cat Puzzle icon
Slide Cat Puzzle

Slide puzzle of Pretty Cat Picuture! In this slide puzzle, increase difficulty by increasing peaces tosplit. If you think it's too dificult, press HINT button, then the piece number will be shown on the pieces.

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Download FAKE miniature TOKYO puzzle FAKE miniature TOKYO puzzle icon
FAKE miniature TOKYO puzzle

Classic slide puzzle of (FAKE) miniature TOKYO photos. These photos use REAL picture of TOKYO with tilt-shift effects.

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