• Christmas Carol App

    Christmas Carol App




    This holiday, sing along to all the Xmas Carols. Wallpapers are available too! Christmas Carol App has all the lyrics to your favorite Xmas Carols in one single app. Some songs have a song so that you can sing along. Over 75 songs. Even has Glee Versions of your favorite Christmas Songs...

  • Happy Hour Shaker

    Happy Hour Shaker




    Going out for a drink at Happy Hour? Celebrating Hanukkah or Christmas at a bar? Want to mix holiday drinks or order festive Christmas drinks? Download this app! Choose between a list of drinks or a shaker. The list of drinks are organized into categories such as Holiday, Cocktails,...

  • Dim Sum Ding Ding

    Dim Sum Ding Ding




    Shake your phone and receive a suggested order of a dim sum dish! Dim Sum Ding Ding will serve you a dim sum dish! All you have to do is shake your phone and voila dan tat, cha siu bao or ham shui guo will appear! (Ding means 'to order' in Cantonese) This is hours of fun with...

  • Royal Wedding GossApp

    Royal Wedding GossApp




    Follow everything related to the Royal Wedding in this Royal GossApp. Royal GossApp follows Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding news. Gossip about her dress, cake, procession, bling, transportation, music, wedding party, stag and hen party, photography, honeymoon and more are all...

  • Side/Winders





    Play this super fun snake game as the Side/Winders band! Control Ryan, Lillard, Al, Kidd, and Casey as they seek out LOVE, BOOZE, and ROCK n' ROLL. The band members are the snake. The goal of the game is to grow, grow and grow. To grow, the Side/Winders need food. But this is a ROCKSTAR...

  • Gold Star

    Gold Star




    Ever talked to someone who won't stop talking about themselves? Download this app to give them a gold star! Then they will know just how awesome they are! Keep this App on your phone so that when you meet that special worthy person, you can give them this gold star.

  • Draw On Boss Pro

    Draw On Boss Pro


    Want to draw on your boss? Maybe s/he needs a hat, a bowtie, new eyebrows. Purchase the Draw On Your Boss Pro version! More colors in the palette! Draw moles, warts, hats, earrings etc on your boss. Thanks for the support and I am sending you some good jedi force!

  • Draw On Your Boss

    Draw On Your Boss




    Bored at work? Bored at happy hour? Boss getting on your case? Maybe your boss needs a new hat, a moustache, a new earring. DRAW on your boss to add such details. Download DRAW on YOUR BOSS to add these details. This is so much fun! Download DrawOnYourBossPro to draw with more colors and to...

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