• Tablic





    Tablic or Tablanet is a popular cards game, and this is certainly the best android Tablic game. The aim is to capture cards from a layout on the table, by playing a card from your hand. The game is played with a full deck of 52 cards. This is start of the Tablic game: every player gets 6 cards,...

  • Maher Dices Yahtzee

    Maher Dices Yahtzee




    Maher Dices Yahtzee is a free game containing elements of strategy. The higher score you have, the better. This game is classic Yahtzee or Yamb or Jamb game with 4 or 7 columns and 5 or 6 dices can be in play like Yacht, Yot, Yatzy... You can throw - drop - roll the dices up to 3 times in each...

  • Maher Drums Studio

    Maher Drums Studio




    Maher Drums Studio is the perfect app with everything you need to create and edit your rhythms. This app is combination of the virtual drums and the rhythm machine with a lot of advanced options. Features: - 12 channels rhythm machine - Edit mode - Record mode - Multitouch support - Copy, cut,...

  • Bravo Skippy Dress Up

    Bravo Skippy Dress Up




    Bravo Skippy Dress Up is one of the best dress up games. This dress up game is combination of dress up game and talking game. In this game there are 2 characters. You can create first character - your hero, and the second hero is Skippy. There are a lot of synchronized and animated sentences,...

  • Bravo Skippy Fun Flying

    Bravo Skippy Fun Flying




    Bravo Skippy Fun Flying is one of the best bravo games. In the group of kids games it can be very interesting fun game. Bravo Skippy Fun is free game in which you search for flying characters and you have to bring them back to their position. But be fast, you won’t have much time! Skippies are...

  • Gomoku - Five in a row - x & o

    Gomoku - Five in a row - x & o




    Gomoku - Five in a row - x & o is a popular board game! Your goal is to get 5 connected symbols in the same line! Improve your intelligence in this strategy board game. Five in a row is traditionally played with go pieces (black and white) on a go board. However, this game is known in...

  • Checkers As Chess

    Checkers As Chess




    Checkers As Chess is a logical board game. The aim of this game is to move all the figurines from your base to your opponent’s base which is diagonally opposite yours. This game is designed for 2 or 4 players and each player has a different colored base on the board with 10 figurines. The game is...

  • Maher Car Racing

    Maher Car Racing




    MaherCarRacing is an interesting 3D rasing game created by Maher Team. You drive an original cool car in the carracing race against 8 opponents. This racing game is very hard. The opponents are very fast, but your vehicle is the fastest car on the road... The main goal: You have to win in the...

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