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    Download DockAwake! Dock Manager DockAwake! Dock Manager icon
    DockAwake! Dock Manager

    Adjust your Display and Settings when Docked! (locale for docks) - Display Timeout - Disable Keyguard - Launch a program - Bluetooth on/off/reset - Wifi on/off - Call Mode (auto speakerphone / headset) Works with Car Dock / Desk Dock Removing from a dock will restore the previous settings (Not a locale plug-in)

    $2.99 156 6.8

    6.8 Users
    Download Locale Calendar Plug-in Locale Calendar Plug-in icon
    Locale Calendar Plug-in

    This Locale Plug-in will allow you to use Calendar Events as conditions! Set your phone to vibrate when you are in a meeting, Turn up your ringer while you are at Gym. Filter by exact match, or any events that contain a certain word in the title or location! v1.3- Froyo (android 2.2) Compatible! * Locale 1.0 Required *

    $0.99 153 6.6

    6.6 Users
    Download Locale Variables Plug-in Locale Variables Plug-in icon
    Locale Variables Plug-in

    Variables for Locale! This plugin will allow you to set and change variables in one situation and have them used as conditions in another! Ever wish you could have one situation trigger another one? Or, do one thing when you get home from work, and another when you get home from school? Now you can! Requires Locale 1.0

    $1.99 46 6.2

    6.2 Users
    Download Locale Wifi Conditions Plug-in Locale Wifi Conditions Plug-in icon
    Locale Wifi Conditions Plug-in

    Locale Plug-in for Wifi Conditions Use Wifi Networks to trigger conditions! With this Plug-in you can require one or more Access Points to be at a minimum Signal Strength. v1.3- More Reliable Scanning, Option to control scan interval Requires Locale 1.0

    $0.99 40 6.2

    6.2 Users
    Download Dock Condition Locale Plug-in Dock Condition Locale Plug-in icon
    Dock Condition Locale Plug-in

    Locale Condition for Docks! Automatically change your settings when your phone is in a car dock or desk (multimedia) dock! Official Dock-plugin was not reliable for me, and this is much nicer looking and easier to use :-) Locale 1.0 Required Designed for android 2.0+ and compatible docks ( Motorola Droid / Nexus One )

    $0.99 18 7.4

    7.4 Users
    Download Locale Play Sound Plug-in Locale Play Sound Plug-in icon
    Locale Play Sound Plug-in

    Locale Plug-in to Play ANY sound on your phone! Choose the sound using the android ringtone picker. Ringtones, Music, Alerts, anything on your phone! Requires Locale 1.0 version 1.1- Fixed Android 1.5 crash

    $0.99 37 3.8

    3.8 Users
    Download Locale Dock Faker Plug-in Locale Dock Faker Plug-in icon
    Locale Dock Faker Plug-in

    Locale Plug-in that will trick your phone into thinking it's in a Car Dock or Desk Dock Setup your phone to automatically go into Multimedia dock mode at night, Or stay in Car Mode while you are driving around during the day! * MAKE SURE YOU SETUP A CONDITION TO UNDOCK! * Locale v1.0 Required v1.1 Fixed Media Dock!

    $0.99 35 3.2

    3.2 Users
    Download DynamicDNS w/ Locale Plug-in DynamicDNS w/ Locale Plug-in icon
    DynamicDNS w/ Locale Plug-in

    Dynamic DNS app that allow you to update your IP address manually or automatically based on locale conditions! Please email us to request support your favorite DynDNS services! This app does NOT require locale, but it will not update automatically without it. Currently Supports DynDNS, Enom and ZoneEdit

    $0.99 7 3.2

    3.2 Users