• Bonsai Garden




    This Bonsai Tree app has a large database of bonsai trees with detailed description and colorful photos. With a seemingly endless choices of species, choosing the right bonsai can be very challenging especially for beginners. Your choice should largely depend on where you live and the weather...

  • Car Paint Repair




    Car Paint Repair: Repairing car scratches and chips can get very expensive. Body shops can charge hundreds of dollars to fix even a small scratch. There is no good reason to pay someone all these hard-earned money to repair car paint scratches when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the...

  • Florida Palm Trees




    This is a one-stop app that provides expert advice and tips on how to grow and care for palm trees. It also has a large database of palm trees with detailed profiles and photos for each tree. With over 2,500 different palm tree species in the world it can be hard to pick the right palm for your...

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