• Win £1000


    Win A Grand! Is an application designed to make you win money. By answering a series of Yes/No questions correctly, you can win £1000. Simple! Even if you don't win, answering Trivia Questions is a good way to keep your brain in shape!

  • Printer Ink




    A simple app to be able to find the correct Ink for your Printer! Ever go to a shop to buy Ink and you are faced with 1000s of Inks and you can’t tell you which one is suitable for your printer. Now this app Can! Currently only lists HP & Canon & Epson models. Updates will include other...

  • Impossible Trivia




    Can you make the impossible, possible? Impossible Trivia!! Is an application designed to test your brain and is impossible to complete. By answering a series of Yes or No questions correctly, you can try to make the impossible possible!

  • Encrypt/Decrypt




    Have you got sensitive files on your SD Card? Worried if you lose your phone these files may come into the hands of others? Then don't worry! Encrypt/Decrypt is the app for you!! With Encrypt/Decrypt you get a simple app which creates two folders on your SD Card..encrypt and decrypt. Put...

  • Take Photo Send Photo




    App to take photos and Also gives you the ability to select any file and send it any way!

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