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  • Spirit Express

    Spirit Express


    "Spirit Express" is poem application. All modern arts inspire you. Download and use for iphone wallpaper . Once you launch the app, your doc bocome modern galleries. We hope you will enjoy our application.

  • Guitar Express

    Guitar Express


    Once you eat rock in your eyes, you would be out of control. Rock is dangerous,Rock is sour but you get customed ,keeping rock. You cannot help rocking , you are to be rock holic. Doctors(Guitorists) say to you that you should take a rock twice a day , and you get better,you beat faster than...

  • Express Monotone

    Express Monotone


    Express Monotone, if we mix them, they become gray, but in fact, as far as art is concerned , they make not gray ,but innovational suitable world . This is the miracle. Oil and water never mixed,boy and girl never blended,neigher do dog and cat, but Black and White can and they are friendly with...

  • Express Braid

    Express Braid


    "Express Braid" is poem application. Magic on the Head. Braid is festival for hairs. Origin of Braid Hair is Geisya ( wife of japanese samurai). They faschinate men all the times. Their pheromone is stimulation around the world. Kepp Braid in your pocket.

  • Animal Express

    Animal Express


    "Animal Express" is poem application. Small Zoo on your pocket!! Once you launch the app, your iphone and ipod become Zoo of holiday. Cute and exciting animals welcome you. you would be relaxed by their charming faces and strange acting. This application is for animal lovers.

  • Sword Express

    Sword Express


    "Sword Express" is poem application. Sword is strongest and soulful weapon in medieval era. Now, you can see them from movie like "Road Of the Ring" "Star Wars". He is cruel Killer but be loved as if Bad and calculationg beautiful actress was loved all around the...

  • Guardian Express

    Guardian Express


    "Guardian Express" is poem application. He was born in medieval era , in which glorious and royal gothic art was spread. His face is splendid and have many jewels. He has protected us for a long time. Long religion war had finished,he also finish his work. Now, this is the time we...

  • Water Express

    Water Express


    "Water Express" is poem application. The world is flooded. Civilisation is lost under the sea. It is a retro-future taste world. Very fantasitc !! You are open water swimming champion of the world. You can swim everywhere. Make your own water museum. Good bye Land. Say hello to Fishes.

  • Teen Express

    Teen Express




    When you are high school student, what do you want to be in the future ? School day is a sensitive and exciting day. All study is useless in real world. Playing is most useful study. You can learn everything by playing with your friend and girl frind. Back to your young age and feel your youth.

  • Space Verse

    Space Verse




    How much do you know about space? He is infinite, Human know little about him. He is mythterious. He alway shining at night and become bigger and bigger whitout notice. He is 4.6 billion years old but he say he is still boy. I would be a little dust with him ,but I want to know about him. He is...

  • China Advise

    China Advise


    The most controversial and harsh era in the human periods. From 180 to 280BC. 100years wars in China. The Three Kingdoms period was one of the bloodiest in Chinese history A population census reported a population of approximately 65 million !!! Feel the crazy era from the soldier of China Advise.

  • Advise From Legend

    Advise From Legend




    The Four Symbols are four mythological creatures in the Chinese constellations. Each one of them represents a direction and a season of the year, and each has its own individual characteristics and origins. They have been portrayed in many historical Chinese and Korean myths and fiction. All of...

  • Werewolf Advise

    Werewolf Advise


    "Werewolf Advise" is poem application. Werewolf is said to be dangerous monster. he conceal himself in the day time and he reveal his cruel instinct at night. He have no humanity and consideration. All he want is killing like natural animals. He has two faces. compare two faces from...

  • Dragon Story

    Dragon Story


    This is book about dragon story with good dragon design. Dragon is Cool. He has fascinated people for a long time. He is drawed as pop ,rock ,tatoo arts in these times, and now into iphone and ipod touch. He live eternaly and keep progress. word...

  • Tatto Express

    Tatto Express




    "Tatto Express" is poem application. Human has two faces, physical face and mental face. Mental face is drawn on their back. This is tatto. If you see their tatoo, you can easily imagine what they want and what they like and even how they have lived. Tatoo exactly explain their souls....

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