Drowning Zebra

  • Beer Logo Quiz

    Beer Logo Quiz




    Guess the beer or brand of the beer that is seen in your cutting logo. Beers order by country. +100 different beers.

  • Metro Logo Quiz

    Metro Logo Quiz




    Guess the city that is seen in your metro or railway system logo. +90 cities.

  • Hybris





    Hybris is a Greek concept that can be translated as excess, extreme haughtiness, pride or arrogance. Hybris indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence or capabilities often resulting in deserved punishment. Fight through 8 stages to get the all the...

  • Aircraft City Strike

    Aircraft City Strike




    Defend your own city, your own city yes yes. Waves of enemy aircrafts are attacking your beautiful city, bombers unloaded their bombs mercilessly in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. From the skies you must avoid enemy fighters while the bombers destroy your city. Then destroy them!...

  • Bugs Race

    Bugs Race




    They are bugs! and are racing! Race with them in a super exciting championship, in a colorful world beautifully designed and rendered. 4 worlds full of fun, 12 circuits, 24 runs, 3 game modes, 6 bugs and 7 items and weapons. Features: Colorful graphics. Superb music and realistic sound...

  • My Cameras Map

    My Cameras Map




    Remotely view any IP Image Camera, geolocalizate in the map, do a long press and add it. You can edit and remove your cameras or import from csv file. Works with any JPG, GIF or PNG snapshot cameras.

  • Sudoku Fighters Pro

    Sudoku Fighters Pro




    Sudoku Fighters is an exciting multiplayer version of classic Sudoku where you can battle against other Sudoku players, all over the world. Let the game choose a board for you or select your opponnet and challenge them in real time. Once a game begins, you can watch your opponent’s progress in...

  • All my enemies

    All my enemies




    A free version is also available (try it first!). See a video of the game in youtube. Impressive vertical space shooter, HD Graphics and Music. "My dear servant, I, your Emperor, have strict orders for you. You must finish all opposition to my power, you must destroy all my enemies."...

  • Traffic Cameras Pro (US, CAN)

    Traffic Cameras Pro (US, CAN)




    Thousands of live traffic cameras (live pics) geolocalizated in 74 cities of USA and Canada, show nearest cameras to your location, search by street or select in the map and compose your own camera's mosaic. App2SD Supported. Landscape and portrait modes, works in all Tablets. Latest...

  • Circles of Michelangelo

    Circles of Michelangelo




    This is the history of Michelangelo and the perfect circle... You must demonstrate to the Pope that you are worthy to draw the Sistine Chapel. To draw the perfect circle, not too fast, and be constantly. Free Game, Ad supported. Features: 3 Game modes. Great and original music. Works on...

  • UK Traffic Cameras

    UK Traffic Cameras




    Hundreds of live traffic cameras (live pics) geolocalizated in 8 cities of UK, search by street or select in the map and compose your own camera's mosaic. App2SD Supported. Cities: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Manchester and Bristol. Use the Menu button to...

  • All my enemies Revenge

    All my enemies Revenge




    The challenging HD vertical space shooter strikes back, with better graphics and much more action. Save yourself against the rage of the emperor and get your revenge done in a pure arcade/action space shooter. Play to gain experience, collect gold to obtain more power-ups and unleash an extreme...

  • All my enemies Secure

    All my enemies Secure




    A secure version for those who seek security in their applications. Do not ask any privacy permissions at all, only BLUETOOTH for Zeemote(a joystick) support. A free version is also available (try it first!). A paid version with global score leaderboard is avaliable too. Impressive vertical...

  • NYC Traffic Cameras

    NYC Traffic Cameras




    Hundreds of live traffic cameras[live pics] geolocalizated in New York City, search by street or select in the map and compose your own camera's mosaic. The application has been promoted to USA TRAFFIC CAMERAS, now with the traffic cameras of 30 large cities of USA. Search it now!

  • Christmas Rounds of Memory

    Christmas Rounds of Memory




    Test your skills and memory in this fast and addictive game. Open Christmas presents and make pairs with them as quick as possible, the difficulty increase as you advance and complete levels. Hurry up! What level are you able to reach? Special HD graphics where supported.

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