• F3K Timer Pro




    The stop watch program for F3K (HLG or DLG) model contests! automatic calulation of the left flight time in accordance with the actual task. Your can invalidate current/last flight or mark it as outlanding. Adjustable working time. Your can enter a new poker time during the flight. Airplane and...

  • Measure & Sketch




    The „Measure & Sketch“ drawing app helps you to sketching up your measures and dimensions on a photo. All you have to do is take a photo of an object you wish to store dimensions of. Then you add dimensions with arrows, angles and text labels with very intuitive interface. You have ability...

  • Wind Speed Meter anemometer




    Wind Meter is sound based anemometer to estimate wind speed. It works by analyzing the sound of wind passing the device microphone. Wind Meter includes compass integration, so you can easily find wind direction too. The application includes a wind speed converter. Wind Meter supports multiple...

  • F3B timer




    The stop watch program for F3B model contests! All flying tasks are supported. Airplane and wake lock modes (needs user permissions). Make your helper happy!

  • F3J timer




    The stop watch program for F3J model contests! Show inc, dec working time, flight time, possible WT and best flights after relaunch. Airplane and wake lock mode (need accept some permissions)

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