DS Software

  • GPS Waypoints Navigator




    Convert your phone into the most powerful GPS for Android Powered Devices with GPS Waypoints Navigator, the world's most sought-after smart phone navigation aide. With dozens of options for navigating the back-country, waterways and roadways, the tool set found in this software package will...

  • Map It! Address & Coordinates




    Enter an address or coordinates in just about any format and Map It! Supports voice entry and accepts: * Latitude / Longitude (any format) * UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) * MGRS (Military Grid Reference - USA and NATO) * Maidenhead (For Ham Radio enthusiasts) Get distance to any location...

  • Satellite Check - GPS Status




    Get information returned from the GPS satellites with Satellite Check! View coordinates, number of available satellites, satellite time, satellite signal strength to noise ratio graphed dynamically, satellite positions plotted relative to your location and other GPS statistics. Your coordinates...

  • Polaris Navigation GPS




    Turn your phone into a powerful navigation system with Polaris Navigation GPS, the world's #1 off road navigator for smart phones. Imagine... What would it be like to be able to navigate any wilderness, waterway or city with only your phone and a view of the sky? What it would be like to...

  • Compass




    Three beautifully rendered functional compasses rendered in extra-extra-extra high definition* for your Android device. Operates as both a magnetic compass and a GPS compass. Lots of useful settings and compass styles to tweak and set. In magnet mode, the magnetic declination for your location...

  • Hansel and Gretel GPS




    A simple and highly effective backtracking GPS that does not require a network connection or maps. Hansel and Gretel will remember any location. When it is time to return just follow the arrow or radar image. If only the fairy tale characters had downloaded this app... From DS Software, the...

  • DS Barometer - Air Pressure




    For devices with or without a barometric pressure sensor. For devices equipped with a barometer, this application uses the Atmospheric Pressure measured by your phone to calculate the Sea Level Adjusted Barometric Pressure at your location. Temperature and Altitude, also used in the...

  • DS Speedometer




    DS Speedometer is an animated real-time speedometer with digital and analog-style controls including a drum-odometer that actually rolls the numbers. Also get average speed and maximum speed for your trip. Bike doesn't have a speedometer and odometer? This is the app for you! Just be sure...

  • Geodesy Coordinate Tools




    For Surveyors, Engineers, Navigators and Students of Geodesy... Geodesy Coordinate Tools is the easiest way to make geographic calculations. * Coordinate conversion tool with error checking: Convert Degrees, Deg/Min, Deg/Min/Sec, UTM, MGRS, Maidenhead. * Draw any free-form closed shape on a...

  • Find My Car - GPS Navigation




    From a leading producer of mobile navigation software, a powerful find-your-way-back car-locator app that does not require maps or a network connection. Use your phone's GPS capabilities to navigate back you your car or any other location previously visited. Choose from three navigation...

  • Land Calculator




    Create, save and view land surveys and geographic measurements with Land Calculator. Simply draw a shape or plot points on a map and store trail length, perimeter and area along with a visual representation of your work. Another method uses your phone's location awareness capabilities...

  • DS Altimeter




    DS Altimeter is an animated real-time elevation meter. Supported devices will also be able to show barometric data. Configuration options allow you to choose your source for elevation data including GPS Satellite based altitude or location based elevation from the United States Geologic Survey...

  • DS Hygrometer -Humidity Reader




    A Humidity Meter for your Droid. Few devices are equipped with a humidity sensor, but if your device has one, you will have the option to get the humidity directly from your Droid's hardware or from a weather service. If your device does not have the sensor, don't fret... We are able...

  • EZ GPS Navigation




    With EZ GPS you get an easy to use yet powerful navigation app. Use GPS technology and GPS-linked maps to create and find your waypoints. We've made it easy to set locations of interest using maps, voice or keyboard entry. Locate your targets using a dynamic waypoint finding compass,...

  • DS Thermometer




    DS Thermometer is a location and physics based thermometer app for devices with or without an ambient temperature sensor. All devices will show the temperature outdoors at your location or at any location world-wide. Construct a list of your favorite locations and watch the mercury rise or fall...

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