• Step counter(pedometer) widget




    Pedometer with widget the way to count your steps! Show your steps, distance, calories burned, pace, and speed. This app also work in the background and was designed to save battery energy. Please adjust sensitivity on your phone.

  • Daily Calorie Counter




    Daily Calorie Counter is an simple app will easy record the calories of the day. You can use Daily Calorie Counter widget.

  • Calorie Counter GPS Run&Walk




    Calculate calorie using your GPS depending on your speed and weight. All measurements are as accurate as GPS on your device.

  • Weight Diary




    Simple Diary Weight is an application that allows managing the weight, waist size and more. Depending on burned calories, you lose weight. This free program with a lot of futures will help you keep track of your weight and body measures. Every day, enter just your weight and waist size and...

  • Pedometer 2.0




    Program counts calories, distance, speed, average speed, time in motion, takes all sorts of graphics and split table in different modes, according to body mass index and much much more ). The program allows you to: - Graphic display of pace and speed - Keep a diary of your movements - Makes...

  • AlcoTest




    This app use the Widmark formula to give an estimate of blood alcohol content. The formula calculates blood alcohol content based on a persons gender, weight, drinks consumed and the time since the first drink was consumed.

  • Math Guide




    Math Guide simple and very useful guide to the basic laws of science. You can use it on the tablet and on a simple phone. Math Guide include: - Area Tutorials - Statistics Tutorial - Algebra Tutorial - Analytical Tutorial - Matrix Tutorial - Number Tutorial - Bandwidth Tutorial - Health...

  • tiny Silent Camera




    tiny Silent Camera is a simplest cam without shoting sound.

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