D.S.M App Studio

  • Sleep Soundz




    Can't sleep in silence? Or just in an unfamiliar setting? Sleep Studio is super simple, load it up, swipe to your preferred sounds effects and lay back and enjoy a great nights sleep! Super simple interface with options for light or dark themes, swipe to the sound you want and away you go.

  • SN² - Social Network Network




    Tired of flicking between apps or your browser tabs when accessing all of your Social Network accounts? Tweet or update your Facebook status quickly with built in functions. Access the following social networks: *Facebook *Twitter *Pinterest *Google+ *Reddit *LinkedIn *Tumblr *Bebo...

  • Empires of Eden




    Empires of Eden - shredding melodic power metal. Experience one of the most exciting bands within the metal genre with this new app. The Empires of Eden app gives you direct access to exclusive tracks, news and fresh updates. Featuring some of metals biggest superstars, this app gives you a...

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