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Electric Circuit

Power Calculator Parallel Circuits simulator junior high schools ad...

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Easy Geometry Calculator

perimeter and area of a square Area of an equilateral triangle area o...

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Physics Calculator

FREE ! Formulas Calculator Formulas: Ep = Potential Energy Ec = Kine...

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Logic gates

FREE ! sample logic gate D Flip Flop v0.0.5 Making a XOR (exclusive...

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Multiplication table

FREE!!! Children learn Multiplication table with hand touch !!! Easily...

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Love Calculator

☺♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥☺ Love Calculator Is love between you strong? a=1 b=2...

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Geometry Calculator Formulas

Quadrilaterals:Square, Rectangle,Rhombus, Parallelogram,Trapezoid. Tri...

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Equilateral triangle

Free !!! Calculating

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מחשבון גיאומטריה בקלי קלות

מחשבון גאומטריה בקלי קלות מיועד לבתי ספר יסודיים וחטיבה. כל הנוסחאות ב...

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Where am I

Sometimes we do not know where we are Or we want to know where our chi...

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