• SimpleFlashLight





    Is a simple flashlight. If application is running, lights, end if, flashlights off is easy. If you are looking for a simple flashlight, Try using a simple flashlight. flashlight, easy, light, darkness, brightness, LED, light, flash, flashlight

  • Easy Light

    Easy Light




    Light is easy. If you run, the screen is opened, and a flashlight as the maximum possible. Phone without camera flash can be useful. Thank you. Note: Companion "handy flashlight," if you use the camera when the flash is useful. Flashlight, flashlight, easy, light, darkness,...

  • 간편한진동기





    진동이 필요하십니까? [ 운영방법 ] -. 간단하면서, 원하는 진동을 느낄 수 있습니다. -. 6개의 시간 조절바를 구매자가 원하는 값으로 조절해주세요. -. Start 버튼을 누르면, 조절바의 설정된 되로, 위에서 아래로 대기(진동없음) -> 진동 -> 대기.. 무한반복을 하게 됩니다. -. Stop 버튼은 진동을 종료합니다. -. 어플 종료후 다시 실행하면, 마지막 조절바 값이 자동 세팅이 됩니다. 많은 이용 바랍니다. 고맙습니다. 진동, 바이브레이터, 느낌, 진동기, vibrate, vibrator,...

  • Simple Magnifier

    Simple Magnifier




    Looking needed a magnifying glass? Easy to use a magnifying glass, zoom and see the finest details. [Feature] . The initial run-time based on the scale indicates that scaling up the phone. . Use volume buttons to zoom feature. . The camera does not focus on AutoFocus, click the button. . If you...

  • Emergency notification

    Emergency notification




    Emergency Notification App Guide A. These people need to!  . Scary road at night ladies  . Children in a dangerous environment where  . Frequent possession of valuables minutes  . The maneunsin minute nightly home  . Those who always anxious Two. Usage  . Please install and run App.  ....

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