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Opera Music

Listen to your favorite songs and then select them into a group of favorites. You will be then able to listen only to what you want and enjoy in! You can also listen to the entire group of favorites or of the other predefined groups in this app. Handpicked 100 best opera arias and perfomers! 20 April 2015 -- A new version published, compatible w…

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Canzoni Italiane

A completely new version as of 20 March 2016. Now you decide what to listen and in what order: there is a new option to select a video as a member of the favorites group. Then you listen to that group on your own. Listen to only what you like? Update on 20th of April 2015. On that date Google stop support for YouTube API v2, and the new version v3…

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Canzoni Napoletane

A completely new and enhanced version from 21 Mars 2016. Now you can select any number of videos from the app and creat a list of favorites. Then you can listen to that group of songs in one go. Create your playlist of favorites! New version on the 20th of April 2015, so that you may continue to watch videos from YouTube. More than 60 hand picked…

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Russian Music

A personal selection of Russian songs, the ones that I liked the most: Russian Songs Romances War and Patriotic Songs Folk Songs Music from the Movies Lyudmila Zikina Dimitrij Hvorostovski Share the beauty. Enjoy and tell others about this app as well. Supported by ads. We do not do anything with your personal data, neither do we collect it…

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Opera Music Favorites

Love Opera Music Favorites! Choose your own favorites out of more than 100 sweetest opera arias! Handpicked 100 best opera arias and perfomers! 10 Sept 2014 The very first version of Opera Music Favorites. It is a continuation of our older app Opera Music. Now you can select your own choice from seven groups of about 100 most popular opera arias…

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Rihanna Lyrics Complete

Lyrics for all Rihanna songs from Music of the Sun in 2005 to Unpologetic in 2012, plus 35-odd singles. In addition, you will be able to download ringtones of Rihanna's, should you want to. In each page with lyrics there is a link for ringtones for that particular song. This is a free app, so it is supported by occasional ads. The purpose of…

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Ambient Music New

Relaxing music on your phone or tablet, new from 15 May 2015. With this app, you will calm down yourself, study better, de-stress yourself, and get more sleep. The main screen is Ambient Music. You will have the following tracks: Three Hours of Ambient Music RELAX TV 3 Hours of Relaxing Music, Nature Sounds, Ambient Sleep Channel LoungeVstudio,…

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Baby Colics

New version since 21st of April 2015, has ads to support further development. Do what it says and both and your baby may sleep again. Written by a professional pediatrician. Download and read this guide to best practices and homeopathic remedies to try to eliminate the causes of baby colics. If you manage to find the right homeopathic remedy, t…

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Ejaculation Problems Help

Would you like to regain confidence, relax, revitalize your body, restore energy and achieve your social goals! With this app, we have compiled ancient remedies for the premature ejaculation problem. We give you only the successful ones. Here is the table of contents: --What is the problem of ejaculation? --Herbal cures --Chinese herbal cures --…

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Teething is the process by which an infant's teeth sequentially appear by breaking through the gums. It is a very painful period for the baby and if you read and implement from this app, you may be able to help your little one to thrive better. As of the 17th April 2015, the app is completely re-written from the grounds up. Instead of just rea…

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