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  • S-League UnOfficial (Free)

    S-League UnOfficial (Free)




    The S.League is the top men's professional association football league in Singapore. The league was launched in 1996 and currently involves 12 clubs. This unofficial app is just for fun and hobby. Well, actually I think more can be done for Singapore football in terms of marketing to...

  • GOAT Soundboard

    GOAT Soundboard




    GOAT Screaming is trending now. What better way than to have the G.O.A.T Android app. You're the GOAT. Receive calls from the GOAT. Wake up to the GOAT. GOAT Rulez!!! How To Save As Ringtone 1) Go to any of the sounds 2) Press and hold "Press to BaaAAaaa" 3) The prompt box will...

  • JoZan Soundboard (Teaser)

    JoZan Soundboard (Teaser)




    The best of JoZan all in 1 app. More to come soon (full version will probably be paid): Sounds from MegaRaja Lawak This will be bi-weekly updated. Comment and rate to confirm my promise! How To Save As Ringtone 1) Go to "Sounds and Ringtones" 2) Press and hold any of the sounds 3)...

  • Soccernet Unofficial

    Soccernet Unofficial




    Get the latest news from ESPN Soccernet. I don't understand why companies prefer to develop for iPhone first when the market for Android is huge. Thus, I created one for myself. Quick RSS Feeds from Soccernet. Features: - RSS Feeds from Soccernet - Link to articles to Soccernet.com...

  • Amir Raja Lawak SoundBoard

    Amir Raja Lawak SoundBoard




    This is a soundboard dedicated to Amir Raja Lawak. This is to all fans of Amir Raja Lawak. Even though he didn't win Maharaja Lawak but he definitely has his funnier moments! If the app is not up to your expectation, I'm Sorry! Please send in your feedback and comments to...

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