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  • D-Waste Atlas

    D-Waste Atlas




    D-Waste Atlas is a crowdsourcing open source map that visualizes municipal solid waste management data across the world for comparison and benchmarking purposes. D-Waste Atlas is made with the contribution of scientists from different countries and the utilization of published data. Any...

  • SWM - Sustainable Cities

    SWM - Sustainable Cities




    This is a application on strategies and actions on waste for sustainable cities provided by Atilio Savino. It was first presented in the “Humanidade 2012” event held on the 22th of May at Fort Copacabana of Rio de Janeiro. The presentation includes an overview of the role of adaptation and...

  • MSW Management Japan

    MSW Management Japan


    An overview of municipal solid waste management in Japan with emphasis to different technological routes including incineration, landfill, recycling and composting are presented in this presentation. The presentation was made by Janya San-Arun Policy researcher of the Institute for Global...

  • Local Actions - Global Effects

    Local Actions - Global Effects


    This is a presentation made by David Newman, Vice president of ISWA, at the “ISWA Beacon Conference on Globalisation, Urban Metabolism and Waste Management” held on 3 - 4 July 2012 in Singapore. The presentation is divided in two parts (Part A & Part B). Part A presents global factors, data...

  • Hazardous Waste Compatibility

    Hazardous Waste Compatibility




    Hazardous Waste Compatibility is an application that enables users to determine in a simple and comprehensive way the possible hazards that can be expected on hazardous waste storage, based on the chemicals contained in these wastes. This application plays a key role in assessing potential...

  • European Waste Catalogue

    European Waste Catalogue




    European Waste Catalogue is an application that enables users in the European Union to categorize the waste types. This allows also the member states to report their waste statistics. The application’s database based on the European Waste Catalogue which established by European Commission...

  • European Recycling Performance

    European Recycling Performance


    This application reviews European overall recycling performance with a special focus on the core group of recyclable materials like paper, plastic, glass & metals. The report contains fact-rich market data figures & tables (63 in total) with the most up to date information , drawn...

  • Landfill Area Calculator

    Landfill Area Calculator




    LandVol is a tool developed by D-Waste, to support waste managers to roughly estimate the Landfill Volume (without final cover) and the required Active Landfill Area (the surface of a landfill used exclusively for waste disposal, without landfill lining layers, surrounding roads and other...

  • Food waste and carbon cycle

    Food waste and carbon cycle


    This is a presentation of Enzo Favoino, ISWA Chair of WG on Biological Treatment of Waste. The presentation reviews the significant role of food waste on rebalancing and improving the global carbon cycle. Strategic approaches, opportunities and challenges to reduce food waste and to optimize food...

  • Waste Management in India

    Waste Management in India




    This is a presentation of Dr. Prasad Modak, executive president of the Environmental Management Centre LLP in India. The presentation was first presented in Singapore at the “wasteMET Asia 2012” ISWA Beacon Conference on 3-4 of July 2012 and it provides an overview of the waste management...

  • Waste2EnMas





    Waste2EnMas is a tool developed to assist solid waste managers to have a rough estimation of the Mass & Energy Balances of WTE (Mass Burn Facilities). Waste2EnMas is taking into consideration all the necessary data that affect a Modern WTE Mass Burn Facility and calculates the transfered...

  • MBT Massbalance

    MBT Massbalance




    A new mobile application for waste managers by D-Waste, available for Mobile and Tablets! A unique application for all those who want to decide which Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) technology suits their needs. Insert the quantity and composition of waste and examine different MBT...

  • Urbanization, Megacities & SWM

    Urbanization, Megacities & SWM


    This is a presentation of Carlos RV Silva Filho Managing Director of ABRELPE – Brazilian Trade Association of Waste Management Companies; the ISWA National Member in Brazil. It was first presented at the “2012 Informal Waste Sector Conference” organized by the Cason Family Foundation in New York...

  • Waste Management in Accra-Ghan

    Waste Management in Accra-Ghan


    This is a presentation made by Miezah Kodwo, head of “Research & Development Department” of Zoomlion Ghana Ltd., for the “wasteMET Asia 2012” ISWA Beacon Conference, which was held on 3-4 of July 2012, in Singapore. The presentation is an overview of the waste management situation in the city...

  • 3R’s in waste management

    3R’s in waste management




    The contribution of the 3R concept to sustainable solid waste management along with two examples from Japan and Thailand are presented in this presentation. The presentation was made by Janya San-Arun at the BNDES public seminar “Αlternative technology for the treatment of solid waste”, which was...

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