• Time Recording

    Time Recording




    Manage your timesheet. Basic functionality: • Check in & out • Task assignment • Daily & detailed notes • Overview of day, week, month • Reports in Excel or HTML format • Google Drive & Dropbox integration for reports, backup & restore • Google Calendar Sync (one way only, only...

  • DynamicG Utilities Plugin

    DynamicG Utilities Plugin




    Plugin for the the Time Recording and Time Recording Pro apps. Functions provided: • Vibra alarm for the «Target reached» and «Break over» alarm notification • «Add geo location» on the text editors, see screenshots

  • Time Recording Pro

    Time Recording Pro




    This is the "Pro" version of Time Recording, market leader in timesheet apps in the Google Play store. → PLEASE USE THE FREE VERSION FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS BEFORE GOING PRO! Refund time is too short to test all the features, the free version has all the core functionality. • Free and...

  • DynamicG Calendar Sync Plugin

    DynamicG Calendar Sync Plugin




    Calendar Sync Plugin for the Time Recording Pro app. This plugin does not work standalone. See the troubleshooting page if you have issues setting up calendar sync: http://dynamicg-timerec.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/timerec.apk/kb/en/kb005_calendar_sync.html

  • DynamicG Dropbox Plugin

    DynamicG Dropbox Plugin




    Dropbox Plugin for the Time Recording app. This plugin does not work standalone. Note the plugin will request full access to your Dropbox, not just "per app file access". If this bothers you use the Google Drive Plugin instead which is limited to accessing its own files.

  • DynamicG Google Drive Plugin

    DynamicG Google Drive Plugin




    ☆☆☆ This is a Plugin, not an App - it does NOT run standalone ☆☆☆ Get the main app here: Time Recording This plugin provides Google Drive integration to Time Recording (data backup, recovery and reports upload)

  • DG Report Reminder

    DG Report Reminder




    ☆☆☆ This is an Add-on, not an App - it does NOT run standalone ☆☆☆ Get the main app here: Time Recording Functionality: • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly alarm notifications so that you don't forget to pull your Time Recording reports. • Convenient usage: tapping the status bar...

  • DG Settings

    DG Settings




    Plain, simple and ad-free 1-click Widget and Shortcut toggles for these system settings: • WiFi on/off • Bluetooth on/off • Auto Rotation on/off • Display Brightness with customizable levels (requires Jelly Bean 4.2 or higher) • Silent Mode (normal, vibrate only, silent) Use this stand-alone as...

  • Home Button Launcher

    Home Button Launcher




    → This app is ad-free and open source ← Launch your favorite apps through the «Home Button Swipe Up» gesture. • This works best on devices with three soft keys, like Nexus 5 or Moto G (i.e. devices that have virtual «Back / Home / Recent Apps» soft buttons). • On some devices this app opens when...

  • Bookmark Folders

    Bookmark Folders




    Status as per November 2013: • This app is no longer maintained. • No Android 4.4 support - Chrome is the new default browser on Android 4.4, use its integrated folders and sync instead of this app. • Why is the app no longer supported: basically, the app does run properly with Chrome as default...

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