• Dictionary + Translate + Speak




    This free Multiple Language Dictionary + Translate and Instant Speak (Text to Speech) with clear voices is a unique dictionary and translator app in the Google Play, supporting including English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese,...

  • English-Arabic Translator




    The English Arabic Translator is the debut for Arabic on Android! Type English text to give the Arabic scripts via Google Translate and Dictionary. Features: * Fully connected translation * Unconnect * Copy Paste * Send as a Picture * Romanization * Transcribe translation * Dictionary and...

  • MultiLang To Arabic Translator




    The Multi-Lang To Arabic Translator provides you a glyph (connected) translation from Google Translate. Features: * 45 languages to Arabic * Share the Arabic translation as a picture * Full-screen view * Fast accurate and reliable http://dynotes.com 2009-12-12

  • Mini Info+ System Widget App




    Rebuilt from the ground up to be lightweight and efficient. We suspect 2x speed boost and consistency compared to Mini Info classic. IMPORTANT 1: "Classic Pro Key" app not compatible with Mini Info+ IMPORTANT 2: Legacy Pro User, please contact us with your previous transaction details...

  • Mini Info Classic




    Enter Mini Info Classic 2.3.0, the most beautiful system health monitor on Android. It gives everything you need in a fast, easy to use display. -----Features:----- State of the art Mini Info Widget: - 10 Background to choose from - Black or White Text Color - Number of items - Individually...

  • Multi Lang Dictionary Pro Key




    PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING: ** Not an app, can't be opened, no interface, need both the Key and MLD installed ** Galaxy Tab users need to claim promo code with Market receipt ** Don't need promo code, launch MLD to unlock features Multi Lang Dictionary (MLD) Pro Key unlocks: +...

  • Mini Info Classic Pro Key




    ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH MINI INFO CLASSIC, NOT MINI INFO+ Mini Info Pro Key 2.0, the most beautiful system health monitor on Android just got more awesome. It gives everything you need in a fast, easy to use display, now with more customization than ever. **Note: you need both the main Mini Info...

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