Easy Software

  • Easy Copy Translate




    copy and translate, this tool will translate all the text you copied. if you want to translate something, just long click and copy it. then the translation will be shown in popup dialog. make sure your network is connected. you can use it in any app which support copy, such as browser, chat...

  • Easy Browser Pro




    This is the Ad free version of Easy Browser. No ad Banners! A Smaller Footprint! Better Looking! And more feature. you can set your own homepage and create short-cut on desktop. Feature list: 1, view page source and send it by native mail app, extremely useful for mobile web developers. 2,...

  • Harley Browser




    Harley Browser is a very fast, powerful, handy and lightweight browser ###FEATURE LIST### 1, convenient bookmark/history list, similar to dolphin browser, but more convenient. 2, special menu grid. 3, view, save and share cookie of web page. 4, view, save and share screen shot of web page. 5,...

  • Screen Cover




    This application displays a banner on the screen, which can drag and pinch zoom, block the subtitles of videos. It is the best partner of learning foreign language by watching video. * This application will display ads. do not download if you disgusted advertisers. do not download if you do not...

  • Easy Launcher




    A handy open source Launcher specialized for developers. ###TIPS### • You can find your app by no more than 2 clicks. • display app versions. • You can delete app and kill process directly on home. • need root permission to uninstall system pre-installed apps. ###IMPORTANT### • no plan to...

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