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  • App Master(Uninstall Master)

    App Master(Uninstall Master)




    Uninstall Master(Uninstaller) now rename to App Master, a powerful app tool! √ It is Uninstall Master(Uninstaller) original,the only one best uninstaller & app tool in the market. INTRODUCE: √ Are you bothered by too many third-party, preinstalled apps? √ Are you annoyed by the number of...

  • EasyApps Unlocker

    EasyApps Unlocker




    INTRODUCE: This is the full version unlocker for all EasyApps apps; FEATURES: All apps: √ AD free!; App Master: √ Batch Uninstall regular apps(root required) √ Silent uninstall and restoring, the prompt window no longer appears! (root required); √ Freeze and unfreeze apps(Root privilege...

  • ER Explorer

    ER Explorer




    INTRODUCE: Lightweight、fast and easy file manager,it's very suitable for mobile phone and tablet. FEATURES: √ A easy to manage your mobile phone and tablet PC file browser; √ Friendly interface and simple, no complex elements, easy to navigate; √ Load faster, easier, and faster; √ Click on...

  • Clean Expert

    Clean Expert




    INTRODUCE: Very easy to use and powerful tool for cleaning traces of history, this app is different from many cleaning tools such as Clean Master & History Eraser etc,it's simple, lightweight,small apk file size and more useful features are coming soon. FEATURES: It can clean items just...

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