• 零食大王




    香港零食大王, 是香港零食大王有限公司旗下品牌,致力打造香港一流的零食電子商務平台。讓客戶可以透過香港零食大王購買到實惠、健康、快捷的零食,享受全新購物體驗。

  • La Roubine




    La Roubine App Introduce you our Wine, Liquor and Spirit in Stock! *Know more about our company in COMPANY INFO *EVENT & PROMOTION Updates you our Newest Function *Quick search the Wine you Want in WINE SEARCH *Find the Wine Appellation you Prefer? BROWSW BY DOMAINE *BROWSW BY VINTAGE can...

  • Bellhorn Smart Key


    Description Bellhorn brings you the smart and safe means to store and access to the unique Bellhorn Original 006P Key System key information for key duplications and after-sale support. With the “Bellhorn Smart Key App”, seeking key duplications or technical support is just as simple as a click!...

  • Hong Kong Art Guide




    Hong Kong Art Guide is the first app designed for visual art exhibitions for Hong Kong. With us, you can find art exhibitions anytime anywhere you want. It also contains comprehensive up-to-date art news, sure you can know what’s on in local art society. We encourage everyone to experience art...

  • shopEC




    Amazing APPS! “Buy Furniture” 買傢俬shopEC app a cool new experience. All makes of mobile lifestyle bringing convenience to people. Apart from entertaining game, social networking, informative news, memorial moments, you can make shopping easy with our new mobile app. 買傢俬shopEC app is a global...

  • 住戶通


    住戶通 APP 令香港各大屋苑樓宇管理團隊可以輕鬆及無地域限制地將最新訊息傳遞給住戶,增強彼此之間溝通,提升生活環境質素





    Yuen Long District Council and Yuen Long Sport Association join to form the Yuen Long Sport Festival organizing committee(NGO) and are going to hold the Biennial famous sport event “Yuen Long Distract Sports Festival 2012”,There will be 11 event sport event , 2700 athlete (including local and...

  • 公考寬頻




    應用程式簡介 此應用程式由香港青年協會「公考寬頻 2777 1112」計劃提供,該計劃專為高中學生提供升學及情緒輔導服務,以紓緩他們應付公開考試的壓力。應用程式內包含程式化的「副學位搜尋器」和「高考計分器」,方便學生計算高考成績,以及搜索符合個人成績的學位及副學位課程,同時提供最新的放榜資訊,讓高考生能有效地規劃前路。 搜尋器簡介 本搜尋器網羅全港「經評審自資副學位課程」資料,協助學生快速搜尋切合個人要求的副學位課程,學生只須依照簡單步驟,即可找到目標課程。...

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