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  • Gold Miner treasure hunting




    Gold Miner treasure hunting The new innovative Gold Miner game is full of fun and joys. New innovative play is infused to the classic game. Absolutely stunning! Come on and hunt the treasures! Introduction of Gold Miner Everyday:The new innovative Gold Miner game is full of fun and joys. New...

  • 起名大全 姓名查询




    起名大全 姓名查询 【中文说明】 古人云:“赐子千金,不如教子一艺;教子一艺,不如赐子好名”。姓名伴随着人的一生,每个人都希望拥有一个品位高雅,内涵深刻的好名字,如何起名便成为很多人的难题,姓名查询软件应运而生。 姓名查询操作简单,极易上手,输入您想查询的姓氏,软件会自动罗列推荐的名字,每个名字均有详细解释,供您选择。 软件共收集百家姓各类名字上万例;凝聚了众多起名专家的集体智慧;列出大量名字的详细信息,便于读者自查,自用。...

  • 灵签




    Android用算卦,开运应用。 1. 观音灵签 2. 黄大仙灵签 3. 吕祖灵签 4. 关帝灵签 除了灵签外,还提供了丰富的其他占卜功能 1. 2012年全年生肖运程。 2. 面相占卜,来了解您面相里面隐藏的痣 的秘密。 3. 更多 了解我们更多应用服务信息 chouqian, suangua, 抽签, 算卦, 灵签, 观音灵签, 黄大仙灵签, 吕祖灵签, 关帝灵签, 摇卦, 八字, 算命, 占卜, 周易, 运势, 易经, 有求必应, easymobi, 面相,...

  • 12星座 占い




    Android用12星座占いです。 12星座占いでは、総合運、恋愛運、金銭運、仕事運など、今日の運勢を占えます。あなたの星座を選んでください。 今日の運勢、ランキング、星座の物語、2012の運勢、毎月の運勢など。...

  • NumberOne


    NumberOne Simple and fun just @Numberone! FIND THE NUMBERS AS FAST AN ACCURATE AS YOU CAN! NumberOne defy our concentration on a fast placed, yet simple premise. Game features: 1.Multiple levels(Easy,Normal,Hard) 2.World ranking 3.Simple Try it, fun it!

  • 心理测试大全




    【应用说明】 最全的心理测试题目,赶紧来测一下吧。 了解更深的自己。 本应用共有三大类、 爱情测试,性格测试,能力测试 2000多道测试题目,心理测试大全,帮您认识您自己! 你快乐吗?你的爱情缺少营养吗?你受大家欢迎吗?恋人对你忠心吗?你是个难以控制自己情绪的人吗? 你玲珑剔透还是心直口快?你活泼浪漫还是朝气蓬勃? 不要着急,心理测试大全,会给你所有的答案! 【关键词】...

  • Cross the Bridge




    Cross the Bridge is a simple but challenging game! Game Target: build bridges across cliffs to help a high speed car go through. When the car is approaching cliff s, tap the edges of cliffs to set up a bridge, saving the car from falling off. The car speed is increasing as the distance increase,...

  • Punch mole




    A classic version of a Whack-a-Mole game but with an Android twist. with multiple themes graphics and animations. Multiple themes Multiple animation cartoons; Multiple game level.

  • Bridges




    Bridges is a turn based puzzle game. Provide two models(PK CPU, 2 Player) Goal is construct a bridge over the board vertical for Green horizontal for Red Touch a space square and turn it into your color. Red starts first. If a bridge is constructed, game is over. Simple and Fun, Enjoy It!

  • Classic sokoban pushbox




    Classic PushBox Sokoban is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes barrels around a maze, viewed from above,and tries to put them in designated locations. Only one box may be pushed at a time,and boxes cannot be pulled. Game Feature 1. Multiple season (season1, season2,season3) 2....

  • Brain Training




    Brain Training for Android Come on and training your brain. 1.Numbers Tap the numbers, small to large 2.Math symbols Select the correct math symbol 3.Colors Select the text color 4.Figures Find the figure which is in different pattern from the others 5.Cards Tap the cards appeared,...

  • Beat crocodile




    Beat crocodile, protect duck. Features: 1. Multiple Themes setting your favorite game theme. 2. Option setting game options. setting BGM Sound effects 3. World leadboard Simple&Fun!!!

  • Horoscopes




    Complete Horoscopes App on Android. Feature: ★ Today, Month,Year's horoscope ! ★ Horoscopes story and wiki ★ Horospopes ranking for everyday. ★ Multi theme ★ Tarot Love test ★ Tarot Past Life test The horoscope application you must have... Download it, Try it,you will love it,...

  • 12星座 运程 运势




    十二星座运势 十二星座运势大全,包括整体运、爱情运、事业运、财运、当日星座排名等。可以看到你今天的速配星座、幸运数字、吉时吉色,还有当月、今年总运势,爱情,工作,健康等详细情况,还特别为您准备了超灵验的开运魔法。本软件绝对是星座控们的居家旅行必备指南。 1.丰富的星座运势信息 提供当日运势、当月运势、年度运势信息 运程排名、星座物語等。 2.丰富的主题 提供了10件左右的星座主题,根据喜好定制。 通过主题来进行选择切换星座图标和风格。 3.提供每天运势排名 来看看那个星座在今天的运势排名最高吧。 版本 1.1 中的新功能 1.新增星座名人 2.新增指纹占卜功能...

  • Dangerous penalty game




    Dangerous, Penalty game The pirate is placed into a spring-loaded barrel. Players must take it in turns to insert swords into slots in the side of the barrel. If a player inserts the sword into a specific slot (which changes randomly every time the game is played), the pirate is launched out of...

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