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  • SDCard Reader (File Manager)

    SDCard Reader (File Manager)




    SDReader is a file manager for SDCard devices. It Support search files on sdcard SDReader is a file manager for Android SDCard devices. It Support search files on sdcard * List files and folders . * Open file (Video,HTML, MP3, Text, Image ...) on sdcard. * Search file on sdcard * Task (Android...

  • 全国天気予報





    日本(JAPAN)全国の天気予報です。 設定した地域の天気をウェジェットに表示します。 もちろんアプリ中でも見られます。 ウェジェットの詳細ボタンから、天気リストを呼び出す機能追加...

  • Smart Sudoku

    Smart Sudoku




    Do you like Sudoku? Obsessed with number placement puzzles? If your answer is Yes, Smart Sudoku is a must have for you. Smart Sudoku is not only a logic number game similar to Sudoku, but also a more challenging arithmetic game. Simple rules, easy to start. Three difficulties: easy 3x3 normal...

  • 便利生活





    便利生活 【说明】 便利生活应用致力于提供各种实用工具查询,其中囊括了日常生活类、文理科工具类、实用计算类、风俗文化类等十余种实用工具,旨在更好的服务于广大用户。便利生活,让您的生活更便利。 Android版本便利生活应用提供了丰富的功能: 1.各种常用单位换算(长度,面积,体积等10多种) 2.万年历 3.省市地方的地理信息 4.常用电话查询 5.邮政编码查询 6.常用网页颜色表 7.化学元素表 8.BMI计算(时刻关注您的体型变化) 9.血压 10.国家编号 11.外汇计算 12.星座 13.12生肖 14.世界时差 15.手机归属地查询 【关键词】...

  • Uninstaller iUninstaller pro

    Uninstaller iUninstaller pro




    Android's smart application uninstaller. Simplest uninstall tool in android Features: *Batch uninstall *Display app name,package name *Filter app by name and package name *Support auto start service

  • Smart Task manager

    Smart Task manager




    Most Convinient and smart task killer for android system, speed up phone, save battery! Feature *Kill selected tasks *Ignore apps when kill tasks *Auto kill tasks on every screen off *Regular kill *Startup Kill *Show battery life *Support android 1.6 & above

  • Power Notepad iNotepad

    Power Notepad iNotepad




    Power note 『iNotepad』 note your write,video,picture,sound. power notepad for Android. Memory for your write, camera, video, sound. iNotepad notepad support multimedia memo note. 1.Write note 2.Camera note 3.Video note 4.Sound note Feature: 1.Support thumbnail for picture 2.Support thumbnail for...

  • 手机号码归属地显示和查询





    手机号码归属地显示和查询 本应由包含来电/拨号时显示地域和手动查询号码号段功能! 开启显示电话归属地后,有电话拨入/拨出时自动在屏幕显示电话号码的地域。同时也可以在应用内手动查询手机号码的地域。 本应由简洁易用,号段为2012年最新最全的中国大陆区域号段,包括手机所在省份,城市和所在地的区号、邮编,运营商,手机卡类型等信息;支持移动、电信和联通的手机号码归属信息查询。同时支持手机号段查询,只输入手机前几位号码就可以进行查询。...

  • Excel Function

    Excel Function




    he App provide the capability to search and list the functions of Excel for iPhone. Functions included Excel 337 addiction, and offers examples of the function and purpose. Features] Excel 2007 (Type 356), 2010 (60) You can find the Excel function.

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