eCGlobal Solutions

  • OpinionsApp




    OpinionsApp is a quick, practical and fun way to participate in online surveys, activities and ask for opinions of friends or other people around the world on any subject. In addition to express your opinions, you have fun and can earn points and prizes. In OpinionsApp you are invited to...

  • ALLdience Pro




    ALLdience(TM) PRO is an application developed for subscribers of DTV Ratings service. It provides a ranker of the most watched programs and channels in Latin America, including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela. More countries to be added soon! Measurements...

  • ALLdience Lite




    The ALLdience™ App is a mobile application designed to provide basic audience ratings figures with a simple interface for the everyday curious. The LITE version presents only a ranker of the top 15 channels of the period. The user has the option of filtering the data by country and genre.

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