Eddie Webb

  • ...Crickets




    Joke Application Did your friend just tell a _really_ bad joke? Is there an awkward silence after a question or statement? Well ..Crickets is the perfect comedic resolve. It simply plays a quick chorus from a cricket, to fill the void and highlight the performer's "empty-house."

  • QueueMan for Netflix - Beta




    Take control of your Netflix Queues! Search & add Instant or disc titles to your queues.Quickly rate at-home discs. Features * Add to bottom * Add to Instant * Home Discs * Browse Recommendations * Rate any Title http://groups.google.com/group/queueman---netflix-on-android

  • QueueMan - Donate




    FIXED: "access token" Identical to the *FREE* version of "QueueMan for Netflix" The only difference is that I get a little kick down. ** If you have not used QueueMan before, I suggest you check out the *FREE* version before donating. IF you know, and just think QueueMan...

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