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  • CFI Tools General Aviation




    Use the GA App to prepare for GA flight, review current weather, forecasts, aircraft performance and navigation techniques. Training and Pre-flight checklist for using the GA App ---------------------------------------------------------- √ Check the Aviation Weather Forecast √ Check your...

  • CFI Tools Weight and Balance




    ----------------------------------- CFI Tools Weight and Balance ----------------------------------- PURPOSE: The Weight & Balance App is used to save weight & balance information for an unlimited number of airplanes in a simple format for easy reference. >>>> Please Note...

  • CFI Tools Takeoff and Landing




    Description ---------------------------------- CFI Tools Takeoff Landing Distance ---------------------------------- PURPOSE: The Takeoff Landing Distance App is used to calculate Takeoff and Landing distances for a given Aircraft under given conditions. >>>> Please Note...

  • CFI Tools VOR




    -------------- CFI Tools VOR -------------- Purpose: The VOR Tool is used to demonstrate the use of a VOR for navigation. The HSI is used to demonstrate how the pilot uses a VOR/DME and an OBS to determine the airplane's position. The VOR Tool has two modes: RANDOM: In this mode the...

  • CFI Tools Holds


    ---------------- CFI Tools Holds ---------------- PURPOSE: The Holds App is used as a visual aide to demonstrate entry into a Holding Pattern and to make a recommendation on the type of entry to be used. It's a simple tool used to explain a complex topic. HOW TO USE the Holds App: -...

  • CFI Tools Crosswind Calculator




    ------------------------------------ CFI Tools Crosswind Calculator ------------------------------------ PURPOSE: The Crosswind App is used to calculate the crosswind and headwind components of the wind relative to a given runway heading. It's a simple tool used to explain a complex topic....

  • CFI Tools Area WX




    CFI Tools Area Weather - AreaWx ----------------------------------- PURPOSE: The Area Weather App is used by a pilot to view METARs and TAFs plotted on a color-coded map or in a simple text table or in raw format. The weather is displayed for all METAR stations within the specified area. The...

  • CFI Tools Flight Recorder




    ------------------------------ CFI Tools Flight Recorder ------------------------------ Purpose: The Flight Recorder App is used to record flights using the GPS The App allows you to record your flight using the Android GPS receiver. These recordings include date, time, latitude, longitude,...

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