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  • Flying Bieber

    Flying Bieber


    Avoid the checkpoints. Make It To Canada Collect as many joints as you can. Global Scores. Facebook Integration.

  • Mini Piano ®

    Mini Piano ®




    ★Unlocked all the songs and instruments of the main pack ! ★ Mini Piano is fun on the go App which is great for everyone especially kids and novices. Play freestyle or pick from a collection of well known songs. Have mini piano play the song for you or play and learn. Mini Piano has a...

  • Jumpin Jesus

    Jumpin Jesus




    Jumpin Jesus tap to jump. Avoid the crosses. Collect the coins. Post to Facebook.

  • Pocket Dice XD

    Pocket Dice XD




    You ever lose the dice ? No problem with Pocket Dice XD for your Andorid Tablet / Phone. you now have a set of virtual dice you can throw around. Watch as these electrically charged dice bounce off the walls the screen and each other, always landing separately to give a definitive score....

  • Virtual Fireplace

    Virtual Fireplace




    ★ Relax and snuggle up to a cozy glowing fireplace complete with that ambient wood burning sound on your Android Tablet or Phone. ★ No annoying ADS / Special permissions. ★ Settings allow you to individually customize each fireplace. ★ Change speed of flames to your liking. ★ Select from various...

  • Virtual Fireplace LWP Free

    Virtual Fireplace LWP Free




    Get a full screen great looking fireplace for a live wallpaper on your home screen. Virtual Fireplace runs great and smooth on your Phone or Tablet. This is the free version of Virtual Fireplace LWP and comes with one fireplace. The full version comes with 5 fireplaces and full range of settings.

  • Virtual Fireplace LWP

    Virtual Fireplace LWP




    Get a full screen great looking fireplace for a live wallpaper on your home screen. Virtual Fireplace runs great and smooth on your Phone or Tablet. Virtual Fireplace Live Wallpaper features 5 different fireplaces complete with that crackling log fire ambient sound. Settings allows you to change...

  • Sound Box FREE

    Sound Box FREE




    SoundBox for your Android phone or tablet features hand crafted big button icons coupled with great sound effects, touch an icon its spins and plays the sound effect, you can repeatedly tap the icon to play the sound effect multiple times creating a unique effect, you can also play multiple...

  • The Night Before Christmas LWP

    The Night Before Christmas LWP




    Catch the Christmas spirit and get ready for all those nostalgic memories that come along with it. Imagine sitting in your favorite chair on Christmas eve. Enjoy the warm glow of the fireplace and the festive flicker of the Christmas tree lights while listening to Christmas carols play softly in...

  • Virtual Instruments

    Virtual Instruments




    Virtual Instruments on your Tablet or Phone is a great App for the kids, just pick it up and play. Play a variety of musical instruments Steel Drums, Flute, Electric Guitar, Piano, Saxophone, Organ, Clarinet, Trombone, Bells, Violin, Harp, Cello, Banjo, Recorder, Guitar, Xylophone. Play using...

  • Elements of Ambience

    Elements of Ambience




    Elements of Ambience for your Android Tablet or Phone. Let elements of ambience relax your body and mind as you drift off into an atmosphere that you create. Choose to listen to one sound or mix sounds to create your own theme. You can also cusotmize the volume for each sound to create the ideal...

  • The Logos Quiz ®

    The Logos Quiz ®




    Through TV, advertising and all kinds of media, company logos are with us every day but can you guess who the name of the logo belongs to ? See if you can guess all of them in this fun App which has been aimed at the U.S. audience. Getting stuck ? No problem there is a hints button and you can...

  • Spectacular Earth LWP

    Spectacular Earth LWP


    Spectacular Earth Wallpapers for your Android Tablet or Phone is packed with fantastic images of nature from our one and only planet Earth.. You can choose to view the images still or moving, you can choose a single image or you can cycle backdrops, which will allow you to view different images...

  • Tropical Fish Live Wallpaper

    Tropical Fish Live Wallpaper




    Relax to the cool-blue calming effects of the sea while you watch beautiful tropical fish and other sea creatures swimming back and forth on your home screen. Looking for excitement? tap a fish to scare it away, double tap the screen to attract a scary shark to scare the fish away. Settings...

  • Drum Set

    Drum Set




    Want a Drum set on your Android Tablet / Phone ? - Use your fingers as drum sticks. - For intense drumming move your finger around drum set. - Touch and hold the drum pieces and rearange them any way you like. - Select for Jazz or Rock. - For best sound and full effect connect a pair of...

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