EdgeWay Software

  • Keep It Up Brazil 2014


    The World Cup Brazil 2014 is here, and now you can get in the spirit of the world's greatest game. Use your finger to kick the ball and keep it in the air, the longer you keep it in the air the more points you score, higher long air time gets more points. See how you fare with others, with...

  • The Line: Stay In The Black




    Enjoy endless hours of addictive fun with Stay in The Black. Its simple to play just stay in the black line and avoid the white. Your going to need all your concentration and finger dexterity to stay in the line and get a decent score which you can submit to the global leaderboards.

  • Pocket Dice XD




    You ever lose the dice ? No problem with Pocket Dice XD for your Andorid Tablet / Phone. you now have a set of virtual dice you can throw around. Watch as these electrically charged dice bounce off the walls the screen and each other, always landing separately to give a definitive score....

  • Elements of Ambience




    Elements of Ambience for your Android Tablet or Phone. Let elements of ambience relax your body and mind as you drift off into an atmosphere that you create. Choose to listen to one sound or mix sounds to create your own theme. You can also cusotmize the volume for each sound to create the ideal...

  • The Logos Quiz ®




    Through TV, advertising and all kinds of media, company logos are with us every day but can you guess who the name of the logo belongs to ? See if you can guess all of them in this fun App which has been aimed at the U.S. audience. Getting stuck ? No problem there is a hints button and you can...

  • Drum Set




    Want a Drum set on your Android Tablet / Phone ? - Use your fingers as drum sticks. - For intense drumming move your finger around drum set. - Touch and hold the drum pieces and rearange them any way you like. - Select for Jazz or Rock. - For best sound and full effect connect a pair of...

  • Burglar Alarm


    Burglar Alarm is a handy App that will allow you to arm and place your Android Tablet or Phone, if anyone picks it up and tries to use it a loud alarm will sound. Settings allow you to choose from 3 different loud alarms and set a passcode you can also set a message on unauthorized pick up. Arm...

  • The Logos Quiz World Landmarks


    You’ve heard stories about them, seen pictures, and maybe even visited some yourself, so can you guess these famous landmarks of the world? Test your knowledge of world landmarks in this fun App. Need a hint? No problem! There is a hint button you can use; correct answers will allow you to...

  • The Logos Quiz Flags


    You see flags of countries time and time again some more regular than others but can you name the country for which the flag belongs to ? See if you can guess all of them in this fun App. Getting stuck ? No problem there is a hints button and you can build up hints by guessing more flags....

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