• Family Locator




    Locate your family, boy/girl friend, friends,... Attention!! They must have downloaded the app. Share it with them! Specially useful for parents who need the reassurance of knowing where their children are or caring for elderly relatives (eg affected by Alzheimer). You'll live easier knowing...

  • 5.0

    Ghost Detector




    Detect the presence ghosts around you

  • Dj Mixer




    Dj Mixer is the easiest way to mix your samples (videos & music). Simply select the videos and music to mix and drop them to the main grid. Click on each one to pause/play or control the volume. To remove a sample drag it outside the grid.

  • Legal Age




    Check easily if someone is over 18. Enter the birth date and press the button. Really useful for the doorman of a nightclub.

  • Shake & Time




    Shake your Android to listen the time. Especially useful for blind people or when you can not handle your mobile (driving, cooking,...)

  • Beauty Meter




    Welcome to Beauty Meter! Scientists have discovered the perfect facial proportions! Analyze your photo and get your result! Will you be so beautiful as your mother says? This free application is financed by advertising. Our ad network is Airpush. If you want to disable our ad messages please...

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