• My EE

    My EE




    SAY HELLO TO THE NEW MY EE APP. OPEN TO ALL EE CUSTOMERS AND EVEN THOSE THINKING OF JOINING We listened, so besides giving our existing 4GEE plan customers a totally refreshed app, we also built one that would work for our Orange and T-Mobile plan customers too. Once you are signed up and logged...

  • Clone Phone

    Clone Phone




    The Clone Phone app This app is only available to 4GEE, Orange and T-Mobile pay monthly customers based in the UK. Customers on 4GEE plans can download the app straight away, but if you’re on an Orange or T-Mobile plan, please call customer services on 150 to subscribe to one of our Clone Phone...

  • EE Film

    EE Film




    The free EE Film app that lets you rent and play the latest and best films while you’re on the go.  4GEE customers can get their 2 for 1 cinema vouchers on a Wednesday, check what's on at your local cinema and watch trailers. So now you really can watch films here, there and everywhere.

  • EE Tap Wallet - Cash on Tap

    EE Tap Wallet - Cash on Tap




    If you’re a 4GEE customer, the EE Tap Wallet lets you buy things securely with a simple tap of your phone. Once you’ve installed it, you can get started with EE’s first Tap Wallet feature: Cash on Tap. Cash on Tap is a new contactless payment service for your smartphone. Just touch your phone...

  • EE WiFi

    EE WiFi




    The EE WiFi App lets you easily connect to BT Wi-fi public hotspots if you have WiFi included as part of your EE plan, with no need to remember numbers or passwords 
  You can: Get access to BTOpenzone hotspots when you’re indoors or out and about Use the app’s built in WiFi hotspot finder to...

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