Egbert Dijkstra

  • Likes




    Did you ever wanted to see the history of the photos that you have liked in the past? This is the app for you! You can view all the photos you liked in the past, including the videos (watchable)! You can then download them (by pressing on the image once), and do whatever, repost, keep as a...

  • Teroli




    Ben je het somtoday rooster beu? Met Teroli kan je snel je normale school rooster bekijken. Naast het standaard rooster kan je ook roosters van je vrienden bekijken, door ze toe te voegen in je vriendenrooster. Eventuele rooster wijzigingen kan je ook snel zien doormiddel van teletext. Met...

  • Watermarker




    Always wanted to watermark your photo's, but never found a good app? This is the one! You can easily shoot a picture with the build in camera, or you can pick a image from the galery. After that you can rezise, and crop the image to a aspect ratio of your chosing, And finaly you can put...

  • ShareMeme




    ShareMeme is all aout laughter, You can view funny pictures, share them via all the social media available. Also, YOU can make people laugh, send in your funniest meme, and maybe it will make it to the app!

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